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Thrifting– An Ethical Way to Shop(0)

April 19, 2017

As a follow-up to my previous article about the horrors of the fast-fashion industry, I have compiled a list of the best secondhand stores near Lesley.  When I first got to college, I definitely thought that thrifting was only conducive to a specific kind of quirky style.  I didn’t understand that you can have whatever… Read More ›

Are We Doing Our Part to Fight “Fast Fashion”?

Students at Lesley are activists who are constantly doing what they can to learn, adapt their behavior, and educate others about the issues that matter.  The fast-fashion industry has become an environmental crisis that our generation cannot afford to ignore. The term “fast fashion” refers to a new retail model of clothing in which the… Read More ›

A Report from Fashion Month

Spring has sprung! For fashion designers the lights are on, it is show time. As this season is blossoming, worldwide couture destinations are hosting their annual spring fashion shows. Fashion week is a week-long fashion production, hosted in various global style capitals, where clothing designers reveals their newest collection for the media and buyers to… Read More ›