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Music Review: Danny Brown “Atrocity Exhibition”

When alt-rockers Nine Inch Nails and Joy Division and jazz giant Miles Davis are given nods in a hip-hop album, one cannot help but become intrigued by an unlikely crossover. Enter the enigmatic Danny Brown, Detroit based emcee, someone with a delightfully tortured soul. “Atrocity Exhibition”, an experimental work revolving around the themes of mental… Read More ›

Entertainment Review: Game Grumps

On Wednesday October 7th Arin Hanson and Daniel Avidan, more commonly known as the Game Grumps, brought a live “Let’s Play” experience to the sold out Wilbur Theatre.  A “Let’s Play” is when one or more people record themselves playing through a video game and share their experiences on YouTube or other media sharing websites…. Read More ›

TV Review: Black-ish

Black-ish is a situation comedy currently being aired by ABC.  It stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross.  It is about an upper-middle class black family, the Johnsons, who live in a predominantly white neighborhood.  Black-ish uses humor to make serious points, such as conveying the inequalities of our society from the vantage point of… Read More ›

Movie Review: Zootopia– Disney’s Family Friendly Political Statement

When most of us think of Disney films, images of princesses, musical numbers, true love, and happy endings come to mind.  But while the Disney films of the past have often been entertaining, they in no way have carried the substance that the new film Zootopia is bringing to  audiences. I’ve seen some Disney movies… Read More ›

Unique Exhibits at the MFA Are Worth a Look

The other day, I decided to make good use of the Museum of Fine Arts membership card I borrowed from my mother, spending most of the morning ambling through the high ceilinged, echoing marble corridors of various exhibition halls and ancient art wings.  A friend of mine told me that there was a small exhibit… Read More ›

Concert Review: The Donkey Show

I was looking for something to do on a recent Saturday night, so I bought a ticket to see The Donkey Show. It took place at Oberon (which is part of the American Repertory Theater) on Arrow Street in Cambridge, conveniently located not far from the Lesley campus. I have always enjoyed listening to the… Read More ›

Pixar Exhibit is Entertaining and Educational

Boston’s Museum of Science always has new and exciting exhibitions on display.  I recently went to see one of their most popular exhibits: “The Science Behind Pixar.”  This exhibition opened on June 24, and will continue to be on display until January 10. It sheds new light on the process of how beloved Disney classics… Read More ›

Book Review: “Do You Want to Be Normal or Happy?”

I was going through divorce. Three years before, I had lost my daughter to illness.  Grieving the loss of a child was heartbreaking, and so was the realization that I was ending a relationship with the one person who had a shared memory of her.  I had been through divorce before, when I was in… Read More ›

Anything But Empty: Theater Review

“It Felt Empty When The Heart Went At First But It’s Alright Now” is a big headline with an even bigger story to tell. Elizabeth Milanovich does not disappoint in this production at the Charlestown Working Theatre on Friday and Saturday nights until November 1st. Milanovich stars as Dijana, the narrator and lead character in… Read More ›