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Before You Judge Us, Get To Know Us: Some Thoughts from a Muslim Student

Recently, I was asked in my media analysis class to write about a group in society that faces the most discrimination or misrepresentation.  I chose Muslims.  I believe that Islam is misrepresented by the mainstream media as a result of a few actions that “extremists” have done. This bothers me because even if only a… Read More ›

We Need an Honest Conversation About Guns

Anybody who likes to stay informed about national issues knows that gun control, or the lack thereof, is a hot topic right now. School shootings are at an all-time high, and national news is constantly littered with new, senseless crimes committed by somebody with a gun. There are many questions we must ask ourselves when… Read More ›

Looking Back at my First Year at Lesley

Freshman year of college starts before the first day of classes in September. The debate of when the journey into higher education begins is endless. For me, May of senior year was when it set in that I was beginning a new journey. Dates and times started to rush my mind on important events that… Read More ›

Why I’m Not Surprised

When I look at Baltimore I am surprised at how unsurprised I am. Not only by the actual events taking place, but also by the media portrayal and the divided reactions of society. On the one hand you have people ignoring the rioting and looting and saying how dare these protesters be met with riot… Read More ›

Where Girls Are Still Unwanted

[Editor’s Note:  From time to time, we receive interesting articles from our alumnae.  This one comes from 2014 Lesley graduate Diba Feroz.] I am originally from Afghanistan, and I was born and raised in Kabul. I am the third child in my family; my mother had three daughters in a row. Gender differences have never… Read More ›

“Turf Wars” Affect Student Athletes

The 2015 Spring Semester signifies an ongoing struggle for space with the various organizations at Lesley University; a collegiate “turf war.”  The various “gangs” here all desire the use of the athletic facility underneath Stebbins Hall. “Stebb,” as it is often referred to, is a multi-purpose athletic facility, equipped with batting cages, a rubber floor… Read More ›

Discussing Masculinity on Campus: An Inherently Feminist Conversation

[Author’s Note:  The following Lesley students and alums contributed to this article: Ben Arcangeli, Patrick Branley, Jenny Levine, Ian Ljutich, Ivy Maiorino, Cacky Mellor, Samantha Shapiro, Emily Welden] This piece is in response to two articles written in the past few weeks – “A Male Perspective on Gender Inequality at Lesley University” and “A Response… Read More ›

A Response from “Public Enemy Number One”

These past few weeks at Lesley University have been an interesting experience. The reason why I wrote the article “A Male Perspective on Gender Equality at Lesley University” is because I feel that here at this institution, it’s very difficult for me to develop my identity as a male. As I wrote in the article… Read More ›

A Male Perspective on Gender Equality at Lesley University

The beginning of the new millennium signified a large state of transition for Lesley University. According to the Lesley University website, “In 2000 Lesley officially became a university, and its undergraduate program was renamed Lesley College. In 2003, Princeton Review named the university as one of the ‘Best Northeastern Colleges,’ and in 2004 Backpacker magazine… Read More ›

Why I Changed My Mind About Uber

There was a time when I loved Uber. I used Uber to get to class, come home from work, and to come home from parties; basically, I used Uber all the time. I downloaded Uber in the spring of 2013, and I was hooked ever since. It allowed me as a customer to see who… Read More ›