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“Patriot’s Day”: A Movie I Wish They Wouldn’t Make

I really liked Mark Wahlberg in The Departed. I enjoyed the unapologetic way he portrayed Detective Sargent Dignam of the State Police, and it was a pleasure to hear his Dorchester drawl– in contrast with Matt Damon’s nasal Cambridge delivery (hurray for subtly diverse regional accents!). I was not displeased when his character got the… Read More ›

Learning to Cope in Dangerous Times

The recent attack in Brussels really bothered me. There are two main reasons.  First, because it was another terrorist attack by the so-called Islamic State, targeting innocent people; killing, maiming, and injuring those who had no connection with what might have gone wrong in the Middle East. Secondly, it always feels like the reporting is… Read More ›

“Me, the Traditional Student vs. Me, the Non-traditional Learner”

There are 31 years between my life as a traditional student, at Simmons, and the one that I have today as a non-traditional learner, at Lesley. It is as though I am two distinct people. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a student is defined as “an attentive and systematic observer”, whereas to learn means, “to… Read More ›

Another Perspective on Lesley’s School Spirit Problem

Editor’s Note:  This is a follow up to what Nick Iadevaio’s wrote last week; he discussed how a lack of athletic facilities hurts student athletes at Lesley.  The author of this article is also a student-athlete. Lesley University offers an amazing personal experience to the students that attend because of its collective focus on community…. Read More ›

Lesley Sports Teams Deserve More Support Says Student-Athlete

I have come to the realization that I will never play professional baseball. To be quite honest, I am okay with that because as my time here at Lesley has progressed, I have discovered new passions that hold true to my heart. However, growing up I only had one passion; that was baseball. For the… Read More ›

Before You Judge Us, Get To Know Us: Some Thoughts from a Muslim Student

Recently, I was asked in my media analysis class to write about a group in society that faces the most discrimination or misrepresentation.  I chose Muslims.  I believe that Islam is misrepresented by the mainstream media as a result of a few actions that “extremists” have done. This bothers me because even if only a… Read More ›

We Need an Honest Conversation About Guns

Anybody who likes to stay informed about national issues knows that gun control, or the lack thereof, is a hot topic right now. School shootings are at an all-time high, and national news is constantly littered with new, senseless crimes committed by somebody with a gun. There are many questions we must ask ourselves when… Read More ›

Looking Back at my First Year at Lesley

Freshman year of college starts before the first day of classes in September. The debate of when the journey into higher education begins is endless. For me, May of senior year was when it set in that I was beginning a new journey. Dates and times started to rush my mind on important events that… Read More ›

Why I’m Not Surprised

When I look at Baltimore I am surprised at how unsurprised I am. Not only by the actual events taking place, but also by the media portrayal and the divided reactions of society. On the one hand you have people ignoring the rioting and looting and saying how dare these protesters be met with riot… Read More ›

Where Girls Are Still Unwanted

[Editor’s Note:  From time to time, we receive interesting articles from our alumnae.  This one comes from 2014 Lesley graduate Diba Feroz.] I am originally from Afghanistan, and I was born and raised in Kabul. I am the third child in my family; my mother had three daughters in a row. Gender differences have never… Read More ›