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CLAS and LUCAD: Mending the Divide

Since I am in my last semester Lesley, I must say that time spent at this school surely has been an unforgettable experience. I was able to take unique classes pertaining to my major; I made life long friendships; and I got to live in one of the most well known college towns in the… Read More ›

After the Attack, The Syrian People Need Our Help

On Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, planes from Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s military used chemically infused airstrikes on the the northwestern Idlib province in Syria. Sixty-nine citizens, including at least ten children, were killed, with an additional number of deceased citizens who still need to be identified. The Health Department in Idlib claimed at least… Read More ›

How Quitting Social Media Helped Me Learn to Socialize Again

I use to scoff at all the clickbait articles warning against the dangers of social media. Anyone above the age of 30 seemed to think social media was the worst thing to happen to conversation.  But I disagreed. I personally loved social media and the way it allowed me to connect with my friends instantaneously…. Read More ›

What Penguins Can Teach Us About Love

The idea of a “perfect” life for humans often consists of getting married, and having children.  Marriage in the United States is a very common practice; but while millions of people get married, studies show that only half of those marriages will last.  On the other hand, let’s consider animals, and there’s a lot we… Read More ›

Trying to Make Sense of the Election: Another Perspective

Editor’s note:  Last week, we featured the perspective of a Trump supporter on the election results.  This week, our guest column is by Miranda Chang, who has been studying Political Communication at Lesley. What Happened, America?  It’s been a few days, and the idea of who represents our country is now slowly sinking in. As… Read More ›

“I Am the Lorax; I Speak for the Trees.”

When I was little, I used to speak to the trees. They were my silent companions: playmates, best friends and baby sitters. I would wake in the morning, and leave out the back door after a good morning hug to my mom. Picking apples from their branches, and eating their generous gifts, I walked among… Read More ›

Radio Still Matters, and Lesley Needs a Radio Station

So many of us often overlook some of the best parts of our day. A song that you really like will come on the radio, and it sets the mood for a great morning. Or something someone said on the air makes you laugh, or makes you think a little harder about what you just… Read More ›

First Impressions from a Lesley Freshman

[Editor’s Note:  Every year, we give new students an opportunity to say hello and offer their first impressions of Lesley. This week’s guest article is by Flora Kang.] Hello! My name is Flora Kang. I am from Fayetteville, North Carolina, and here I am attending Lesley University for my freshman year. My experience here has… Read More ›

Lesley Student Hopes to Become President of Liberia

[Editor’s note:  This guest column is written by Wilton Zuo.  Wilton is a senior; he is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business.] I was born in Liberia.  If you are not familiar with it, it’s a small country on the west side of Africa.  Liberia was founded by some free and some formerly enslaved… Read More ›

Reflections from a Graduating Senior

[Editor’s note:  every year, we ask graduating seniors to look back on their time at Lesley and offer their thoughts on their experiences. This article was written by Asha Janay. She is a Psychology major, with a minor in Social Work.] When I first came to Lesley two years ago as a transfer student from… Read More ›