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Why Lesley Needs a Communications Major(1)

April 30, 2020

I am a junior at Lesley and I am a Psychology major. Last semester, I decided to take Intro to Communication because I thought it would help enhance my abilities to communicate with people, which is important if you are going to work in the field of Psychology. I fell in love with the class,… Read More ›

International Students Face Unexpected Challenges

At the beginning of this semester, none of us imagined that something like this could happen to us.  What started as a mild scare, where we saw only a handful of people wearing masks on campus, has now become a national health emergency. Many of us assumed, after Harvard and MIT shut down, that Lesley… Read More ›

The Domino Effect: Coronavirus and Anxiety

The devastation of the Coronavirus pandemic has left many around the world unsure, anxious and worried about what the near future will look like.  As someone with an anxiety disorder, I find that self-isolation can have a negative effect on the brain. Personally, when I go through deep periods of anxiety, I retreat into myself… Read More ›

A Tribute to Jefrey

“How a flower in the rain only grows more when it’s grey, you just shined on brighter, making gold out of the pain.” – Oliver Sykes Before my cousin Jefrey died, he spent his last few weeks in rehab sharing his story with others to let them know they were not alone in this process… Read More ›

The Problem With Music Elitism

Music, for all its ability to unite audiences, has the equally compelling power to inspire competition and hatred among a select few people. Certain listeners, or music elitists, feel as though it is their duty to create guidelines surrounding music listenership. Specifically, these people attempt to dictate which types of music are somehow inferior because… Read More ›

Addressing some myths about Africa

[Editor’s Note:  Lesley student Doucette Kayombo, who comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, gave a version of this talk for Community of Scholars Day.] For many centuries, a one-sided view of Africa has been portrayed to the rest of the world. This has been done in an effort to belittle and patronize African culture… Read More ›

The End of an Era: Why Neighborhood Kids No Longer Play Outside

I grew up on a dead-end street. We were the last house on the right, the yellow one with yellow lights and two yellow dogs out front. My backyard was a fairy land to me and the woods that settled at its heels were like Neverland. Barefoot, tick-filled, and happy as hell, me and my… Read More ›

It’s A Myth That Students Don’t Care About News

Over the past few years, many people in the older generation have come to the unfounded misconception that young adults care less about the news than they do. These adults base their assumption on the fact that most millennials don’t read newspapers and watch the nightly news on TV. While this is true, their generalization… Read More ›

The Mid-Term Elections: Groundbreaking in Many Ways

The 2018 midterm elections resulted in the Democratic party gaining control of the House of Representatives, and the Republicans maintaining their Senate majority. But that is not the entire story.  For one thing, young adults (including many Lesley students) turned out to vote in large numbers– some of the highest numbers in the past 25… Read More ›

Lesley Sophomore Offers Advice to First Year Students

Approximately a year ago, I was frantically packing. Checking off a list with a red pen, I was attempting to ignore the nerves knotting in my stomach. Everything I had heard about college was from my older sister, who was happy to share; but her advice didn’t help quell any of my anxiety. College is… Read More ›