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Helping Dogs at a Unique Animal Shelter

I started volunteering for NorCal Family Dog Rescue (NFDR) in San Francisco in the summer of 2013. A high school project on wolf hybrids reignited my passion for dogs. I used to own two dogs, but other commitments led me astray from dedicating my time to canines. So, with a summer’s worth of time on… Read More ›

A Lesley Alum’s Exciting New Job

[Editor’s Note:  from time to time, our alums get in touch and let us know where they are working and how they are doing.  Here is an update from Chelsea Contre, a 2013 graduate who majored in Communication. She recently moved to New York to work for Carat, which describes itself as “the #1 Global… Read More ›

A Response from “Public Enemy Number One”

These past few weeks at Lesley University have been an interesting experience. The reason why I wrote the article “A Male Perspective on Gender Equality at Lesley University” is because I feel that here at this institution, it’s very difficult for me to develop my identity as a male. As I wrote in the article… Read More ›

If the MBTA is struggling, so are commuters

[Editor’s note:  Last week, we published an article about living on campus during our recent snow storms. Here’s the perspective of a student who has to commute to Lesley.] The MBTA is the only mode of transportation for many commuters (including myself), and because of that, getting to school/work/anywhere for the past month has been… Read More ›

Snow Doesn’t Stop Patriots Celebration: A Report from the Parade

At 10:30 on a Wednesday morning, I find myself braving the cold to walk to the T to celebrate the Patriots fourth Super Bowl win. Wearing my warmest Patriots hat, and enough layers to make me resemble a linebacker, I take the 15 minute train ride to Park Street, where the parade will pass. It… Read More ›

Why I Changed My Mind About Uber

There was a time when I loved Uber. I used Uber to get to class, come home from work, and to come home from parties; basically, I used Uber all the time. I downloaded Uber in the spring of 2013, and I was hooked ever since. It allowed me as a customer to see who… Read More ›

George Packer Speaks at Lesley about Inequality and American Life

On Wednesday, October 29th, journalist and author George Packer visited Lesley University in the University Hall amphitheater to give a talk, sponsored by Friends of Lesley, about his newest book, The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. The book focuses on the period of American history between 1978 and 2012. Packer won the… Read More ›

24 Hour Access for LUCAD Students Needed

After three years, countless assignments, and lots of hard work, LUCAD students in their senior year are given their own studio space. It’s a small space but it’s finally a place for us to call our own, a place to create without interruptions. The space comes at a critical time when juries and portfolio reviews… Read More ›

Catwoman > Batman: Confessions of a Femme Boy

Femme (fĕm) adj. Exhibiting stereotypical or exaggerated feminine traits. Used especially of lesbians and gay men. ( All my life I have been a femme boy.  The innate femininity of my personality and behavior was evident at age five when I saw Batman Returns and decided that I wanted to emulate Catwoman, whip and all. … Read More ›

Finding Oz at Lesley Literary Arts Festival

During a recent Saturday filled with the excitement of alumni panels, English honor society inductions and student readings, attendees at Lesley’s Literary Arts Festival enjoyed a riveting and humor-filled hour with “Wicked” author Gregory Maguire, the event’s keynote speaker. From Lesley’s Washburn Hall, Maguire transported the students, alumni and faculty in the audience to his… Read More ›