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How To Live a Sustainable Life on an Unsustainable Budget

You know who you are. The student whose trash bag is filled with ramen, plastic, and other unsustainable goods that make dorm living easy. Going green has become a cultural phenomenon, but introducing sustainable living on a college student’s budget causes guilt, stress, and unsustainable habits. Environmental activism is something all students take pride in;… Read More ›

Why the Muslim Ban is a Heartbreaking (and Bad) Idea

This past week has been difficult for me.  In fact, it has broken my heart and torn it in pieces, as I try to understand President Trump’s  incomprehensible ban on immigration, motivated, it seems, by a fear of Muslims.  For any immigrant who comes to a new country, life is already difficult; and it for… Read More ›

“I Am the Lorax; I Speak for the Trees.”

When I was little, I used to speak to the trees. They were my silent companions: playmates, best friends and baby sitters. I would wake in the morning, and leave out the back door after a good morning hug to my mom. Picking apples from their branches, and eating their generous gifts, I walked among… Read More ›

Cambridge Plastic Bag Ban Goes Into Effect

By now, if you’re living in Cambridge, you’ve probably heard about the new law passed by the City Council that bans plastic shopping bags for all customers. The decision was made in March of 2015 by an 8-1 vote, and went into effect on March 31, 2016. Now, instead of providing plastic bags for customers,… Read More ›

Palm Oil, Orangutans, and the Effects of Globalization

Modern business requires an awareness of our connected planet.  This extends to humans, animals, and the environment.  Palm oil shows the effects of globalization and requires us to examine our process of business, foreign relations, and conversationalism Palm oil, a common ingredient in consumer products, affects our globe in a powerful way.  Four Paws International,… Read More ›

Tinder and Me: An Honest Account of Striking Out

I admit it:  I’ve never been the bubbly type. To be honest, I think my resting bitch face scares people. But what I’m thinking, and what my face expresses, are often quite opposite. So to counteract my social hindrances, and as a final attempt to score some male affection, I’ve turned to Tinder. Because I… Read More ›

Lesley Sports Teams Deserve More Support Says Student-Athlete

I have come to the realization that I will never play professional baseball. To be quite honest, I am okay with that because as my time here at Lesley has progressed, I have discovered new passions that hold true to my heart. However, growing up I only had one passion; that was baseball. For the… Read More ›

Whose Fault Is It Anyway: Why Young People Don’t Vote

One of the hottest topics recently is the future presidential election. I dare say that this has been one of the most stimulating and intriguing elections since 2008, when we had a woman (Hillary Clinton) and a black man (Barack Obama) competing for the presidency. However, as flashy and hectic as this current election may… Read More ›

Returning to School: Reflections from an LCAL Student

So, here I am, sitting in front of my computer, writing an article for the Lesley Public Post. Who would have thought that I would ever be doing something like that? At age 49, I am completing my Bachelor’s Degree. I know that for many of you, 49 must sound very old.  However, the interesting… Read More ›

Sherry Turkle Discusses Lost Art of Conversation

On Friday, October 16th, MIT Professor and media scholar Sherry Turkle visited the Brattle Theatre to give a speech on her most recent book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. The talk sold out the 235 seat theatre quickly, with an audience of mostly 25-and-ups. Turkle spoke about the aspects of… Read More ›