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The Domino Effect: Coronavirus and Anxiety(0)

March 31, 2020

The devastation of the Coronavirus pandemic has left many around the world unsure, anxious and worried about what the near future will look like.  As someone with an anxiety disorder, I find that self-isolation can have a negative effect on the brain. Personally, when I go through deep periods of anxiety, I retreat into myself… Read More ›

LCAL Advisor is Advocate for New Campus Veterans’ Center

Gene Ferraro, Senior Assistant Director of Academic Advising for the Lesley University Center for the Adult Learner (LCAL), is the driving force behind the new Veterans’ Resource Center and Lounge on campus. He’s also, by his own admission, a talker. At 10:00 a.m. on a rainy Monday morning, when most are just downing their first… Read More ›

Commuting Students Are Frustrated By Poor T Service

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority– or MBTA– has gotten a lot of negative attention recently, and anyone who rides regularly can tell you why: an increase in delays due to derailments and other mechanical issues, an inability to accommodate the sheer volume of commuters during rush hour, and increasing fare prices. You wouldn’t think it… Read More ›

An Interview with Lesley Student Filmmaker Najifa Tanjeem

As students, we tend to always ask for more from Lesley’s Dining Services, like longer operational hours at on-campus dining halls or a greater variety of food choices. While it’s important and advised to advocate for our own needs, admittedly, we don’t stop nearly as often as we should to think of the workers who… Read More ›

How To Become a Recognized Student Organization: What You Need to Know

As a student body, we’re a diverse population in every sense of the word. Each of us has unique interests and talents to bring to the table. We all bear scars of various sizes, originate from different histories and traditions. Beyond our classes, student organizations provide an outlet for these differences to be embraced, discussed,… Read More ›

Lesley Student’s Unique Job: She’s a Beekeeper

[Editor’s note: Megan Gove is a senior, majoring in Graphic Design.] The days are getting warmer and longer once again. We’ve crawled out from under the snow of this year. Dare I say that winter is truly past us? As most people are excited to celebrate mother nature’s rewarding vibrant presence of spring, I, on… Read More ›

Challenges in Maintaining Lesley’s Urban Garden

The thud of a spade, the crisp, damp scent of freshly sewn earth wafting through the air, relentless honking from a tide of passing car, could urban gardening be the wave of the future? With ever expanding cities and with it a fascination in organic, non-gmo vegetables, city slickers seem to be on two ends… Read More ›

Stereotypes of Mental Illness Persist

Even at a time when more people are getting a college education, so many myths and stereotypes still persist. This is especially true about those of us living with a mental illness. There are common misconceptions about metal illness, such as:  someone with depression can just snap out of it; or obsessive-compulsive disorder means everything… Read More ›

Director of Commuter Student Services Gives Progress Report on Food Pantry

There has been a noticeable effort put into accommodating commuter students this year.  This is especially important because students who commute now make up more than 50% of the total number of undergraduate students at Lesley University.  In September 2017, Linda Elliott became the director of commuter students services, and she has led the effort… Read More ›

Return of Bald Eagles is Positive Sign for Conservationists

Drive down any Massachusetts highway and you are bound to see hawks, falcons, and even an occasional owl or vulture perched on a tree branch or hovering on a telephone pole high above the cement. Rarely, do you get a glimpse of an entirely unexpected creature.  But, as I was driving into the Boston last… Read More ›