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Lesley Grad is Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Entrepreneur… and Organ Donor(0)

September 14, 2017

Editor’s Note:  Periodically, we like to let everyone know how our alums are doing.  Jeremy Colon graduated with a degree in Business Management in 2015. Here’s what he’s been up to: There are always events in your life that change you, events that help you to grow or see life differently.  Before I graduated and… Read More ›

What to See in the Skies: The Spring Equinox

Not too long ago, there was a trending phenomenon across all social media platforms — standing an egg and a broom straight up and having it balance on its own. It was September 22, 2016 when I opened Twitter, and to my surprise I saw several brooms standing upright without any assistance. Must have been… Read More ›

The Importance of Green Energy

Imagine yourself standing on top of a mountain and listen to the stillness of your surroundings. Take a look around and envision the power that nature has bequeathed onto you. In that moment, you can see the glory of earth and understand it’s our number one priority. Without nature, there is no life. As of… Read More ›

Being Transgender at Lesley: One Student’s Experience

I am a 31-year-old new LCAL student. I came out as transgender at age 19. I’d like to share about my experience as a transgender student with the Lesley community. As a new student, and a commuter, I haven’t had the opportunity to connect with many other transgender students. This article is the perspective of… Read More ›

From Saudi Arabia to Cambridge MA: A Lesley Student’s Journey

In April 2009, I visited the United States as a tourist. I did not think that I would come back to this country again as a student.  But after several years, I came to Boston to study; and so began my journey to explore the American culture and lifestyle. Without any doubt, there are some… Read More ›

How To Live a Sustainable Life on an Unsustainable Budget

You know who you are. The student whose trash bag is filled with ramen, plastic, and other unsustainable goods that make dorm living easy. Going green has become a cultural phenomenon, but introducing sustainable living on a college student’s budget causes guilt, stress, and unsustainable habits. Environmental activism is something all students take pride in;… Read More ›

Why the Muslim Ban is a Heartbreaking (and Bad) Idea

This past week has been difficult for me.  In fact, it has broken my heart and torn it in pieces, as I try to understand President Trump’s  incomprehensible ban on immigration, motivated, it seems, by a fear of Muslims.  For any immigrant who comes to a new country, life is already difficult; and it for… Read More ›

Making Time for Exercise

About two years ago, I had a completely different mindset about being healthy and working out.  I believed that since I was still young, I should not have to worry about that stuff just yet. I also associated the gym and working out with weight loss.  Since I’ve been skinny my entire life, losing weight… Read More ›

“I Am the Lorax; I Speak for the Trees.”

When I was little, I used to speak to the trees. They were my silent companions: playmates, best friends and baby sitters. I would wake in the morning, and leave out the back door after a good morning hug to my mom. Picking apples from their branches, and eating their generous gifts, I walked among… Read More ›

Cambridge Plastic Bag Ban Goes Into Effect

By now, if you’re living in Cambridge, you’ve probably heard about the new law passed by the City Council that bans plastic shopping bags for all customers. The decision was made in March of 2015 by an 8-1 vote, and went into effect on March 31, 2016. Now, instead of providing plastic bags for customers,… Read More ›