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Lesley to Adopt a “Mostly Virtual” Model for the Fall 2020 Semester(0)

July 25, 2020

After communicating with “medical and public health experts and…stakeholders across our diverse community” about the impacts of COVID-19, Lesley University has decided to adopt a “hybrid, mostly virtual” educational format for the Fall 2020 semester. This decision is primarily due to Lesley’s location “in a region that was one of the pandemic’s early hot spots.”… Read More ›

A Hidden Consequence: Coronavirus And Special Needs Families

COVID-19 has changed the world in more ways than we can count, in a shorter amount of time than any of us could have expected.  In a matter of just a couple of months, the world population has seen dramatic change in everyday life with an emphasis on staying home and social distancing as much… Read More ›

COVID-19 Could Financially Impact Schools Across New England — Including Lesley

On March 27, the Boston Business Journal delivered some sobering news: COVID-19, as it overtakes our economy, will most certainly be making its presence felt on New England colleges and universities. Even larger, seemingly financially untouchable institutions, like the University of Massachusetts system, are set to lose millions in revenue this year due to the… Read More ›

Residence Hall Laundry Room Creates Conflict of Interest

[Editor’s note: This article was written before students left for Spring Break. As far as we know, the issue has not yet been resolved.] Off of the Doble Quad sits White Hall, a residence hall popular among first-year students and upperclassmen alike. The building is centrally located with proximity to nearby classrooms and on-campus dining… Read More ›

Threshold Students Adapt Well to Online Instruction

Lesley University Threshold Program students are members of the Lesley community with “intellectual, developmental, and/or learning disabilities,” according to the Lesley website.  While enrolled in the two-year program, Threshold students enjoy a personalized curriculum that stresses independence and self-sufficiency. The end goal is for students to feel ready to transition smoothly into post-college life. In… Read More ›

Switch to Online Courses Affects Student Life

This is a troubling time for everyone in our community. As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Massachusetts rises to 218, according to The Boston Globe, panic continues to spread. It is difficult to simultaneously cope with these feelings of nervousness and the upheaval of our daily routines, as businesses, schools, and shops close… Read More ›

LCAL Advisor is Advocate for New Campus Veterans’ Center

Gene Ferraro, Senior Assistant Director of Academic Advising for the Lesley University Center for the Adult Learner (LCAL), is the driving force behind the new Veterans’ Resource Center and Lounge on campus. He’s also, by his own admission, a talker. At 10:00 a.m. on a rainy Monday morning, when most are just downing their first… Read More ›

Commuting Students Are Frustrated By Poor T Service

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority– or MBTA– has gotten a lot of negative attention recently, and anyone who rides regularly can tell you why: an increase in delays due to derailments and other mechanical issues, an inability to accommodate the sheer volume of commuters during rush hour, and increasing fare prices. You wouldn’t think it… Read More ›

How To Become a Recognized Student Organization: What You Need to Know

As a student body, we’re a diverse population in every sense of the word. Each of us has unique interests and talents to bring to the table. We all bear scars of various sizes, originate from different histories and traditions. Beyond our classes, student organizations provide an outlet for these differences to be embraced, discussed,… Read More ›

Lesley Student’s Unique Job: She’s a Beekeeper

[Editor’s note: Megan Gove is a senior, majoring in Graphic Design.] The days are getting warmer and longer once again. We’ve crawled out from under the snow of this year. Dare I say that winter is truly past us? As most people are excited to celebrate mother nature’s rewarding vibrant presence of spring, I, on… Read More ›