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Meet Lesley’s New Provost(0)

September 17, 2020

Over the summer, while many of us were, understandably, preoccupied with coronavirus updates, Lesley University made several institutional changes as staff took on new positions or left the University entirely.  Among the people in new positions is Dr. Jonathan Jefferson.  Once the head of the Business Management division, Dr. Jefferson has now found a new… Read More ›

Long-Time Chair of Humanities Division, Dr. Evans, Is Leaving Lesley

The Lesley community’s time away from campus has been one of great institutional change. Since students and staff departed in March to social-distance and defend themselves against the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve acquired a new Vice President of Finance, Chief Marketing Officer, and interim Chief HR Officer, according to the @justiceforlesleyworkers Instagram account. We’ve also lost… Read More ›

Lesley Alumna’s Fascinating Journey

[Editor’s note: from time to time, we check in on what our alums have been doing since they graduated. We are grateful to Kate Frangos for contributing this article.] If I could go back in time and tell my former 22-year-old self that after graduation I would end up working in several European countries, I… Read More ›

An Interview with Lesley Student Filmmaker Najifa Tanjeem

As students, we tend to always ask for more from Lesley’s Dining Services, like longer operational hours at on-campus dining halls or a greater variety of food choices. While it’s important and advised to advocate for our own needs, admittedly, we don’t stop nearly as often as we should to think of the workers who… Read More ›

Study Abroad Program Gives Lesley Student “The Experience of a Lifetime”

Studying abroad.  It was a term I had heard all of my life– and it was supposed to be the experience of a lifetime. All of my friends from my hometown had experienced going abroad at least once. I just never thought it would a possibility for me. I was sitting in my room one… Read More ›

Lesley Alum Has Exciting Job in Paris

Editor’s Note:  From time to time, we like to keep up with what our alums are doing. Katie Lansing, a Global Studies major who graduated in 2012, was one of the original staff members of the Lesley Public Post, and a former editor-in-chief.] When I first started working at Bredin Prat, I felt like I… Read More ›

Keeping Up With Lesley’s Alums

[Editor’s Note: from time to time, our alums get in touch and let us know where they are in their careers and life now. Each year Chelsea Contre, a 2013 graduate who double majored in Communications and Business Management, has promised Donna Halper an update on her life post college. Chelsea has been living in the… Read More ›