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Not Enough Students Know About the Lesley Public Post

As students, we all receive emails from Student Activities, Lesley News and Events, and several other sources informing us about the various campus happenings in the upcoming week. However, there seems to be a strong disconnect between Lesley students and our school newspaper, the Lesley Public Post. I have spoken to students in my other… Read More ›

My Study Abroad Adventure in Paris

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Olimpia Carias, who just finished her junior year, majoring in English Literature with a minor in Spanish.] It didn’t hit me yet as I was making sure everything I needed was in my carry on. “Pack lightly!” they had said and so I debated if I had too… Read More ›

Promoting Environmental Sustainability: What We’re Doing Well, and What Needs to Improve

I recently took a course entitled Environmental Sustainability, and it had a strong impact on me.  Before taking it, I used to think about environmental sustainability on an individual level only.  I knew it was important not to waste any resources, whether natural or man-made; but I never looked at the bigger picture, the collective… Read More ›

Comparing College Education in the US and Germany: A Student Perspective

July 28th, 2017: Less than a week until the day of my departure to Boston. The flight is booked, the bags are packed, the goodbyes are said. And yet, here I am, sitting in a cultural preparatory course, that’s supposed to brace us for our study abroad experience in America. It is a hot, sunny… Read More ›

Lesley Student, Miss New Bedford, Explains What Her Crown Means to Her

No, this article isn’t to yell at you for your ignorance, not even at society. We live in a world where titleholders are poo-poo’d and told they’re anti-feminists because of certain elements of the competition. I can’t lie; I felt similarly about competing before I took part in my very first quest for the crown… Read More ›

Students Say Campus Shuttle Is Still Not Reliable

Lesley’s campus is big for the relatively small population that inhabits it.  The campus spans a mile of Massachusetts Avenue, meaning if a student were to walk from the Brattle campus to the Porter campus, it could take anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five minutes.  For the students who sometimes can’t, or don’t want to, make… Read More ›

Students Wish Washburn Hall Served Dinner on Weekends

Forking over the cash for a meal plan, no pun intended, is no small task. Students pay a significant amount of money each semester for food services. It is reasonable for us to expect that food is readily available for a large portion of the day. That is why I find it a problem that… Read More ›

Commuter Students See On-Campus Improvements

These days, Lesley University has become a predominantly commuter school.  57% of the total 4,826 graduate and undergraduate students are living off campus, (based on a 2016 data analysis); this means there is a growing need for the administration to provide resources to the particular needs of commuter students.  These issues range from parking availability,… Read More ›

A Life-Changing Opportunity: Interning at Small Planet Institute

At Lesley University, students are required to do internships as part of their program of study.  Interning is an extremely beneficial experience, as it provides an outlet for us to apply our acquired knowledge. In Fall 2017, I was fortunate to intern with Small Planet Institute, a nonprofit research organization with roots in addressing the… Read More ›

Historian Jon Meacham Visits Lesley

When I first arrived at the Jon Meacham talk that was recently held in Marran theater, I was relieved to see that some of my other classmates were also attending the event.  I took a seat next to friends, and we waited for Mr. Meacham to arrive. While we waited, I decided that it would… Read More ›