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Long-Time Chair of Humanities Division, Dr. Evans, Is Leaving Lesley(0)

July 1, 2020

The Lesley community’s time away from campus has been one of great institutional change. Since students and staff departed in March to social-distance and defend themselves against the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve acquired a new Vice President of Finance, Chief Marketing Officer, and interim Chief HR Officer, according to the @justiceforlesleyworkers Instagram account. We’ve also lost… Read More ›

Lesley Alumna’s Fascinating Journey

[Editor’s note: from time to time, we check in on what our alums have been doing since they graduated. We are grateful to Kate Frangos for contributing this article.] If I could go back in time and tell my former 22-year-old self that after graduation I would end up working in several European countries, I… Read More ›

With Commuter Food Pantry Closed, How Are Lesley Students Getting By?

World Food Program USA predicts that, by the end of 2020, the number of individuals who are food-insecure could “almost double,” affecting 265 million people. This huge spike will be due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it decreases one’s level of access, both physically and financially, to food. On Lesley’s campus, a fixture exists to… Read More ›

LA+D Students Move The Creative Process Online

While all students are struggling to adjust to remote instruction due to COVID-19, Lesley’s Art and Design students face additional challenges: ones that, if mishandled, threaten to undermine the foundation of their coursework.  The creative process is a collaborative effort. It is heavily reliant on others for their feedback and support. Finished artwork often has… Read More ›

Commuter Student Reflects on How COVID-19 Impacted His Life

Back in December, I finished the Fall semester thinking it was the most challenging one thus at Lesley. It was not the academics alone, but rather a combination of things. It was the first full semester where I worked at home and went to school simultaneously and as a commuter student the balancing of schedules… Read More ›

Lesley Campus Remains Open, But Courses Move Online

EDITOR’S NOTE: As colleges address the ongoing Coronavirus threat, Lesley has become one of many schools to cancel face-to-face classes, postpone campus events (including athletics), and move all courses online. Announcing this change, Lesley’s president, Janet L. Steinmayer, said in a March 11, 2020 memo that “Lesley University will remain open but will extend spring… Read More ›

Not Everyone is Familiar with New Hands Free While Driving Law

On Sunday, February 23, a new Hands-Free-While-Driving law went into effect in Massachusetts. It comes on the heels of a national surge in accidents caused by distracted driving– often a result of too many drivers on their phones, or even sending texts, rather than focusing on the road.  According to, the national number of… Read More ›

Update: Is The Women’s Center Coming Back?

It’s been two months since the Lesley Public Post took a look at the Women’s Center, an on-campus resource center and affinity space primarily for female students. In December 2019, I reported that the Women’s Center, normally a vibrant and bustling spot, was abruptly closed during the Fall 2019 semester. After asking faculty members what… Read More ›

Student Activities Fair Is a Big Success

On January 29, Lesley University held its annual Spring Student Activities Fair. This popular event is a meet-and-greet with members of student organizations and offices on campus.  There were sign-up sheets and email lists ready to go, as clubs eagerly awaited prospective new members looking to get involved. From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the… Read More ›

USG Will Stop Hosting Debate Watch Parties

With the 2020 Presidential Election steadily approaching, it’s more important than ever for students to become politically engaged. Learning about the candidates running and their policies is crucial to making an informed decision on who to support. Last semester, Lesley’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) hosted several Democratic Debate Watch Parties in Marran Theatre for students… Read More ›