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Lesley Observes Sustainability Day

On Wednesday, October 18th, The Office of Sustainability hosted an event called Sustainability Day.  It focused on locally-sourced products and goods.  In their latest newsletter they wrote “ (We) are committed to serving the Lesley community as we work together to preserve our natural resources.” Lesley has long become the standard for which colleges practice… Read More ›

Rwandan Genocide Survivor Speaks to Lesley Students

On April 7, 2017, Lesley CAB hosted Daniel Trust. Speaking to a small group in Alumni Hall, Mr. Trust shared his remarkable story of going from being a refugee in Zambia, to an advocate for refugees, low-income, and LGBT youth in America. His story was compelling, as he recalled incidents from his past.  “We need… Read More ›

“Fibers Circle” is New Campus Club for Crafters

Do you like crafting? Do you want to learn a new skill like knitting, crocheting or decorative embroidery? Does a morning of tea, cookies, blankets and yarn sound like a fun time? If your answer is yes, then you should look into Lesley University’s newest student club, Fibers Circle. The club held their first meeting… Read More ›

Unique Mark Cooper Exhibit at Roberts Gallery

When I saw Mark Cooper’s first site-specific installation, “Uncertainty,” in the Roberts Gallery at Lesley University’s College of Art and Design, it made me feel like I fell into a great big box of melted Crayola crayons. The gallery is filled from floor to ceiling with swirls, drips, and splatters of colors accompanied by various… Read More ›

Nationally-Known Speaker Elaine Pasqua Gives Valuable Advice to Lesley’s Athletes

“One in 5 women, and one in 16 men, are sexually assaulted throughout their time spent in college.”  Those were the first words spoken by Ms. Elaine Pasqua on Thursday, February 23, as she gave a powerful and memorable presentation to every student athlete at Lesley University.  A nationally-known and widely praised public speaker, Ms…. Read More ›

LCAL Event Focuses on Advice for Caregivers

On November 17th, the Lesley Center for the Adult Learner hosted a conversation at University Hall on the subject of “Caring for Caregivers.” The discussion was led by Julianne Corey, Assistant Director of Academic Advising for LCAL, and Dr. Heather Macdonald, a clinical psychologist who is also an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Applied Therapies… Read More ›

Radio Still Matters, and Lesley Needs a Radio Station

So many of us often overlook some of the best parts of our day. A song that you really like will come on the radio, and it sets the mood for a great morning. Or something someone said on the air makes you laugh, or makes you think a little harder about what you just… Read More ›

Professors Compete in “Meeting of the Minds” Contest

On Thursday, December 3, a unique event took place in the Marran Theater, as professors competed in a “Family Feud”-style event, with students from the Lesley First Year Seminar asking the questions.  The event was called “Meeting of the Minds,” and it featured ten specially chosen professors, divided into two teams.  It was designed to… Read More ›

Men’s Soccer Team Has Unique Way to Fundraise

Like many organizations at Lesley, the athletic teams often find themselves needing to raise some extra money.  This year, the Men’s Soccer team decided to do something creative to fundraise.  The team’s most recent collaboration, under the leadership of captain Spencer Irwin, has resulted in the development of a team calendar. Each month features a… Read More ›

The Mask You Live In: Gender Roles in American Society

On Monday April 20, 2015, Lesley Third Wave, Lesley Women’s Center, and graduate student Stephanie Rosario Rodriguez, co-sponsored a screening of the film The Mask You Live In at the University Hall Amphitheatre. The Mask You Live In (2015), presented by The Representation Project, addresses the issues of hypermasculinity in American culture. This film was… Read More ›