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Student-Alumni Meet-Up Provides Valuable Information(0)

November 14, 2019

Students, faculty and alumni gathered in Alumni Hall on Tuesday, November 5th for the annual Student-Alumni Meet-Up. The event was organized by the Undergraduate Student Government, the Career Resource Center and the Alumni Relations. It gave undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to talk with alumni who were in the same programs as they were,… Read More ›

Study Abroad Program Gives Lesley Student “The Experience of a Lifetime”

Studying abroad.  It was a term I had heard all of my life– and it was supposed to be the experience of a lifetime. All of my friends from my hometown had experienced going abroad at least once. I just never thought it would a possibility for me. I was sitting in my room one… Read More ›

Storytelling Saves Lives: This Is My Brave Comes to Lesley

College is a crucial four-year period of incredible self-discovery. For many of us students, we are presented with unparalleled freedom like we’ve never seen before. We may be living away from home for the first time, and leaving behind the security of a rigid, predictable daily routine. We are spending less time with family and… Read More ›

Theater Review: Macbeth (Oxford Street Players)

[Editor’s note:  Freddy Widmer also assisted with this review; the reviewers attended two separate performances. Christina’s observations are first, followed by Freddy’s.] Lesley University’s Oxford Street Players performed Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Marran Theater on April 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th to enthusiastic audiences.  Founded in 1993, the Players perform a Shakespearean play every year. This… Read More ›

Lesley Urban Scholars Initiative Promotes Student Success

[Editor’s Note:  The author, whose major is middle school education, is a member of USI.] Lesley University has many groups and programs on campus that help students; one group that is very important to me is the Urban Scholars Initiative (USI). The Urban Scholars Initiative is a scholarship program which provides tutoring, tuition assistance, and… Read More ›

Large Crowd Enjoys Lesley University Dance Team Performance

The people who took their seats in Marran Theater had waited in a long line that stretched all the way into the Student Center. Parents were holding bouquets of flowers to give to their children, and students chatted with their group of friends; they were all there to support the Lesley University Dance Team in… Read More ›

Lesley Students Show Support for Puerto Rico

On Friday evening, November 30, in the Lunder Arts building, students gathered for an evening of music, art, and poetry in support of Puerto Rico, where people are still struggling since Hurricane Maria hit the island last September.  Lesley University’s Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Jennifer Castro, banded together with student Aviva Jobin-Leeds,… Read More ›

Honk! Festival Brings Fun to Cambridge

It was a cloudy day, but that did not stop thousands of people from attending the 40th Annual Oktoberfest, and 13th Annual Honk! Festival of Activist Street Bands, which took place in Harvard Square on Sunday, October 7th.  Dressed up in festive, brightly colored costumes with activist pins and a multitude of glitter, musicians painted… Read More ›

Meet Lesley’s Interim President, Richard Hansen

[Editor’s Note: Lesley alum Chris Anderson graduated in 2017 and is currently getting a Master’s Degree. As an undergrad, he was a frequent contributor to the Lesley Public Post.] Though I have not been on campus at Lesley University for over a year, I know that there has been a lot of change.  Well, it… Read More ›

Why You Should Get to Know Your USG

[Editor’s Note:  Jada R. Sullivan, an English major, is vice president of USG.] When you think “USG”, you’re likely to think of the smiling, maybe even overly enthusiastic, faces in uniformed shirts on the quad, waiting for you to approach, with incentives like T-shirts, notebooks, and candy displayed on a table. It all seems like… Read More ›