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Reflections on the D.C. March for our Lives(0)

April 14, 2018

A few months ago when I was planning a trip down to Washington, D.C. to visit a friend I thought it would just be a normal weekend. We’d see some monuments, go to a museum or two, maybe even make it down in time to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Never in my… Read More ›

Why Are the Media Ignoring the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis?

[Editor’s note:  Reem Al-Khalqi comes from Yemen; she is currently studying sociology and social change at Lesley.] I am sure that when most people think of “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” their first reaction is, “No, we read and hear a lot about Syria.” But unfortunately, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis is not in Syria;… Read More ›

Facing an Uncertain Future, A Lesley Student Hopes DACA Will Be Preserved

[Editor’s Note:  This essay, by Lesley senior Annabelle Feliz, first appeared in CommonWealth Magazine.  It is used with permission.] A Dreamer about to graduate – now what? “I’m not a package that can be sent back.” THIS IS THE MOMENT I’ve been waiting for. I’m finally in my senior year at Lesley University, majoring in… Read More ›

In Defense of Feminism

[Editor’s note:  Several days ago, the Merriam-Webster dictionary named “feminism” as its 2017 Word of the Year. This guest commentary is from Lesley sophomore Chloe Fay.] Some conservative columnists have accused feminism of being negative, stating that feminism is dead and has done more harm than good. Some conservative talk show hosts continue to demonize… Read More ›

How to Make Every Day Earth Day

“Climate change” has developed into one of the most-trending words of 2016 on social media websites. It has also become a topic of conversation and controversy in the presidential campaign, with some candidates believing it is a problem (Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) and others believing it is a hoax (Donald Trump).   But while the… Read More ›

Lesley Students and Faculty Discuss Controversy over Beyoncé’s New Video

It’s not unusual for there to be an uproar whenever Beyoncé drops a new music video (I mean, it’s not like she has a big fan base or anything!); but when Queen Bey dropped the video for her new song “Formation,” I swear pop culture felt the tectonic plates move. With lyrics like “I like… Read More ›

Documentary About Anita Hill Raises Important Issues

“What happens when a victim of sexual harassment speaks up?” In October 1991, Anita Hill was called to publicly testify before congress, at senate hearings about her allegations of sexual harassment against her former boss, Clarence Thomas.  Thomas was at the time a supreme court nominee, so these hearings served as a possible factor in… Read More ›

Helping Dogs at a Unique Animal Shelter

I started volunteering for NorCal Family Dog Rescue (NFDR) in San Francisco in the summer of 2013. A high school project on wolf hybrids reignited my passion for dogs. I used to own two dogs, but other commitments led me astray from dedicating my time to canines. So, with a summer’s worth of time on… Read More ›

Where Girls Are Still Unwanted

[Editor’s Note:  From time to time, we receive interesting articles from our alumnae.  This one comes from 2014 Lesley graduate Diba Feroz.] I am originally from Afghanistan, and I was born and raised in Kabul. I am the third child in my family; my mother had three daughters in a row. Gender differences have never… Read More ›

#BlackLivesMatter: Lesley Students Speak Out Against Racism

On August 9, 2014, a young unarmed black man named Michael Brown was shot six times by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. This incident occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, a small suburb of St. Louis, and sparked national interest, social media campaigns, and a new group of young activists who jumped up to protect the… Read More ›