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Tutoring for Students Still Available Virtually

If you find yourself struggling to comprehend or complete assignments while learning from home, look no further than the Center for Academic Achievement’s (CAA) online tutoring services. The Center of Academic Achievement typically offers in-person tutoring, but due to the pandemic, they’ve made tutoring accessible online. All students enrolled in degree programs at Lesley are able to take advantage of these tutoring services.

CAA tutors are fellow Lesley students expertly trained to support their peers. In a one-on-one session, tutors can work with you to develop better time management skills, create a master syllabus to plan out your assignments, or break down a multi-part assignment into manageable pieces. You can also choose to workshop an essay together, get help with citations, or brainstorm ideas for a class presentation or project.

While CAA tutors won’t complete your assignments for you or provide you with any answers, as this behavior directly violates Lesley’s standards of Academic Integrity, your tutor will get you on the right track to complete your own work to the best of your abilities. If you’re looking for personalized attention and feedback on an assignment, consider bringing it to the CAA for assistance.

The Center for Academic Achievement’s services are often overlooked by students who could benefit from using them, even for just a brief check-in about an assignment. Kayrin Brower, a junior Expressive Arts Therapy major, who is in her second year of tutoring at the CAA, wishes more students were “aware of the group ‘Study With A Guide’ sessions” that she runs along with a few other tutors. She is disappointed that “[nobody] is really aware that they exist,” since “they can be a great resource for accountability, study help, and quick questions.”

She wants more students to know that “[they] can make a tutoring appointment for almost anything related to academia– time management, organization, accountability/concentration help, discussions about difficult material, etc. It doesn’t have to solely be for writing and proofreading written work…we offer so many other forms of guidance.”

Tutoring appointments are booked through WCOnline, an online scheduling platform. Once a student creates an account, they have the ability to tailor their tutoring appointments to their individual needs. They can opt to receive help from a tutor who has taken the same course they’re struggling with, or someone who shares the same major. WCOnline allows students to search for tutors by the courses they’ve taken or the subjects they’re proficient in, ensuring that students are paired with a tutor who is the best match for them.

Tutoring is offered seven days a week, from 9:00am to 9:00pm, to fit a variety of schedules.

Appointments are 50 minutes long, held on either Microsoft Teams or Zoom depending on the student’s preference. For students looking to work through longer assignments with a tutor, consider booking two sessions back-to-back if you’d like more time to workshop. Students are asked to arrive to their appointments on time with an idea of what they’d like to cover with their tutor.

Are you looking for tutoring outside of the CAA’s operating hours? Lesley is partnered with Brainfuse, an online tutoring platform that students can access 24/7. On Brainfuse, on-demand tutoring is offered in a variety of subjects, as well as virtual writing support. If you submit an essay, a Brainfuse tutor will return it to you within 24 hours with feedback and comments. Brainfuse can be accessed from the Blackboard/myLesley homepage.

There is also Lesley’s Online Writing Center, to which students can submit essays to be reviewed by tutors. These papers can be emailed to as a Word document. As per the Lesley website, students should provide the following information in any emails to the Lesley Online Writing Center:

  • Your name
  • Degree program
  • Course for which the paper is being written
  • Location of your class or cohort
  • Name of the instructor to whom the paper is to be submitted
  • Brief details about the requirements of the assignment, including which formatting rules you are required to follow, if any

Within two business days, the student will receive their paper back with feedback. Any essay that exceeds ten pages in length will require more time to be workshopped. There is no limit to the number of assignments a student can submit.

Similar to the CAA’s tutors, Lesley Online Writing Center tutors will not write papers for students. Instead, the goal of receiving support is to strengthen a student’s skills so they can produce quality work on their own and grow more confident as a writer. However, tutors are more than happy to provide suggestions on basic grammar, spelling, and stylistic choices.

If you’re a student specifically looking for help with locating credible sources for an assignment, reach out to one of our Lesley Librarians. They are trained to point you to reliable research sources and can provide advice on how to begin forming the backbone of an essay or term paper, supporting your work with facts and good evidence. Librarians are available to meet with students Monday-Friday during business hours, 9:00am-5:00pm. To secure a meeting, you’ll fill out a Research Consultation Request to schedule a time to meet with a librarian, either over the phone or on Skype/Zoom.

Online tutoring isn’t perfect, but meeting over Zoom or talking on the phone is the closest thing we have to collaborating in person right now. Brower admits that, in her experience, “online tutoring has taken some getting used to.” As “a very interpersonal tutor,” she feels that “there’s an invisible barrier when trying to get to know someone from behind a screen,” one that “makes those acts of small talk more difficult.” However, just because it is different than what we’re used to doesn’t mean that tutoring services are any less beneficial in an online learning environment. If anything, we need the support of others more now than ever.

Despite the physical distance that exists between all of us, we are in this together. Just because you are studying and learning from home doesn’t mean that you are on your own when it comes to completing your assignments. If you find yourself in need of help, or looking for a second set of eyes to review your work, feel free to take advantage of the resources offered to you as a student, and reach out for support. The trained tutors in the Center for Academic Achievement, or any of our other Lesley professionals, would be happy to lend a hand.

Prior to the pandemic, students often worked on their assignments at the Lunder or Sherrill libraries. (2018 File photo)




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  1. Meg- So glad you brought the CAA to everyone’s attention. The CAA is here for you and happy to offer all Lesley students tutoring, support and peer connection during this difficult time!