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Lesley to Adopt a “Mostly Virtual” Model for the Fall 2020 Semester

After communicating with “medical and public health experts and…stakeholders across our diverse community” about the impacts of COVID-19, Lesley University has decided to adopt a “hybrid, mostly virtual” educational format for the Fall 2020 semester. This decision is primarily due to Lesley’s location “in a region that was one of the pandemic’s early hot spots.”… Read More ›

Lesley Students Keep in Touch by Playing D&D

Last night my friends and I traveled a vast distance by foot until we came upon a modest village. We explored a bustling marketplace, haggled with vendors and sought out a blacksmith skilled enough to craft personalized weapons out of our latest hard-earned magical trophies: the acid-laden teeth of a black dragon. We arrived jingling… Read More ›

Long-Time Chair of Humanities Division, Dr. Evans, Is Leaving Lesley

The Lesley community’s time away from campus has been one of great institutional change. Since students and staff departed in March to social-distance and defend themselves against the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve acquired a new Vice President of Finance, Chief Marketing Officer, and interim Chief HR Officer, according to the @justiceforlesleyworkers Instagram account. We’ve also lost… Read More ›