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Lesley Campus Remains Open, But Courses Move Online


As colleges address the ongoing Coronavirus threat, Lesley has become one of many schools to cancel face-to-face classes, postpone campus events (including athletics), and move all courses online. Announcing this change, Lesley’s president, Janet L. Steinmayer, said in a March 11, 2020 memo that “Lesley University will remain open but will extend spring break through Sunday, March 22. During that time, we will continue our preparations to move our undergraduate and graduate courses online with the expectation that during the week of March 23 we will move all teaching and learning online. We will continue to monitor the situation with the hope that we can return to in-person instruction before the end of the semester.”

We will be covering the changes on campus, as well as covering how students are adapting to these changes. Our reporters are also following what is happening in the cities where they live. These are uncertain times, but we will make every effort to keep you updated on the latest campus news, as well as keeping you updated on how various cities are coping with the virus. Thanks for reading us.


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