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Student Activities Fair Is a Big Success

On January 29, Lesley University held its annual Spring Student Activities Fair. This popular event is a meet-and-greet with members of student organizations and offices on campus.  There were sign-up sheets and email lists ready to go, as clubs eagerly awaited prospective new
members looking to get involved. From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the Student Center was filled with representatives from clubs and offices on campus, as well as community partners.

The crowds of students who stopped by the various tables were also larger than usual, according to members of Undergraduate Student Government (USG). When asked why she stopped by, sophomore Ilana Lippold said, “I came because of the free stuff. Plus, it’s interesting to see the variety of things to do on campus!” She was right about both things:  there was certainly plenty of variety— over twenty clubs and community partners were present. There was also plenty of free stuff; as incentives to visit their table, clubs offered cookies, cupcakes, reusable shopping bags, and t-shirts to students.

To further drive attendance at the Fair this year, USG sponsored a drawing for four different prizes. A pair of Beats headphones, a Google
Home Mini, a JBL speaker, and an Apple Watch were all up for grabs. Students could stop by the USG table to pick up a drawing ticket, where they would receive their first hole punch for visiting a club’s table. After that, they were instructed to visit the Campus Activities Board
(CAB) table, the Office of Student Activities (OSA) table, and another Lesley department table of their choosing. They would receive additional hole punches on their ticket at each location after speaking to a representative there. After that, they could return to the USG table and drop their completed ticket in the drawing box. The drawing served a dual purpose: to encourage students to interact with multiple organizations and increase overall turnout.

Osa Odeh, a sophomore executive board member for the Black Student Union, explained to students on the fence about attending, “It’s important to come to the Fair because it’s a place for you to open your horizons and interact with a diverse group of people.” It’s true; there were opportunities for virtually every interest on display.

In addition to campus organizations, USG offered students a chance to become volunteers.  Big Brothers/Big Sisters, a community partner that was tabling, asked students to better the lives of others through mentorship. The Environmental Club sought to explain the importance of coexisting mindfully with our earth, while the Campus Activities Board asked students to join their team to bring musicians, comedians, and performers to campus. Club representatives were enthusiastic and ready to share what made their organizations special.

Asked to comment about why students should come out to future Student Activities Fairs, sophomore Genevieve Wharton replied, “Students should come to the Fair because getting involved is a vital part of college!” She couldn’t be more right. A strong sense of community is at the heart of the Lesley experience; by joining a club on campus, you’ll have like-minded individuals by your side as you pursue your passions fearlessly.

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One of the many campus organizations at the fair.

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