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Working as a Layout Designer for Lesley’s “Science Stories”

I had been a cashier for almost three years, and dealing with the grumps and the oftentimes not-so-bright people that came into my line on a weekly basis had all but incinerated any faith I had left in humanity. That doesn’t even include my short-lived stint stocking shelves. Soda cans left in the cookie aisle,… Read More ›

LCAL Advisor is Advocate for New Campus Veterans’ Center

Gene Ferraro, Senior Assistant Director of Academic Advising for the Lesley University Center for the Adult Learner (LCAL), is the driving force behind the new Veterans’ Resource Center and Lounge on campus. He’s also, by his own admission, a talker. At 10:00 a.m. on a rainy Monday morning, when most are just downing their first… Read More ›

Commuting Students Are Frustrated By Poor T Service

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority– or MBTA– has gotten a lot of negative attention recently, and anyone who rides regularly can tell you why: an increase in delays due to derailments and other mechanical issues, an inability to accommodate the sheer volume of commuters during rush hour, and increasing fare prices. You wouldn’t think it… Read More ›

Update: Is The Women’s Center Coming Back?

It’s been two months since the Lesley Public Post took a look at the Women’s Center, an on-campus resource center and affinity space primarily for female students. In December 2019, I reported that the Women’s Center, normally a vibrant and bustling spot, was abruptly closed during the Fall 2019 semester. After asking faculty members what… Read More ›

Campus Health Service Has Advice About Coronavirus

On Saturday February 1st, at 1:48pm, my mom texted me the following: “OMG, a 20 year old from Boston has the virus! Don’t Panic but u have to be careful, wash your hands.” Of course, my immediate response (in spite of her words) was to panic a little. As a college student living in an… Read More ›

Student Activities Fair Is a Big Success

On January 29, Lesley University held its annual Spring Student Activities Fair. This popular event is a meet-and-greet with members of student organizations and offices on campus.  There were sign-up sheets and email lists ready to go, as clubs eagerly awaited prospective new members looking to get involved. From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the… Read More ›

Large Crowd Hears Historian Douglas Brinkley Speak at Lesley

Noted historian and CNN commentator Douglas Brinkley spoke to an enthusiastic group of Lesley students and faculty on Monday, Jan. 24, in the Washburn Lounge on Lesley’s Brattle Campus. Brinkley was on campus as part of Lesley’s Boston Speaker Series. Brinkley’s lecture was filled with stories about past impeachment trials, as they related to the… Read More ›