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An Interview with Lesley Student Filmmaker Najifa Tanjeem

As students, we tend to always ask for more from Lesley’s Dining Services, like longer operational hours at on-campus dining halls or a greater variety of food choices. While it’s important and advised to advocate for our own needs, admittedly, we don’t stop nearly as often as we should to think of the workers who… Read More ›

A Tribute to Jefrey

“How a flower in the rain only grows more when it’s grey, you just shined on brighter, making gold out of the pain.” – Oliver Sykes Before my cousin Jefrey died, he spent his last few weeks in rehab sharing his story with others to let them know they were not alone in this process… Read More ›

Students Ask: Where Did the Women’s Center Go?

I came to Lesley fresh off of a fairly miserable high school experience.  There was little interest on behalf of the administration to challenge the status quo– one in which male athletes were heroes, and women were objects. Change simply didn’t occur, and I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I left after graduation,… Read More ›