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LadiesCon Event Features Diverse Pop Culture Publications

The Ladies of Comicazi, who are based in the Comicazi comic book shop in Davis Square in Somerville, hosted the fourth annual LadiesCon on Saturday, September 21st, from 11 AM to 5 pm.  The convention was held at The Center for Arts at the Armory in Somerville, about a 25 min walk from the Doble campus at Lesley. LadiesCon is a free one day celebration of the works of women, people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+ and non-binary people in pop culture.

The Ladies of Comicazi is a volunteer-run group that focus on reviewing, creating, buying, and discussing comics and pop culture. Other than hosting LadiesCon every year, they organize several events at Comicazi and around the Boston area. They also have a blog and a podcast where members post talk about their events or talk about all things pop culture. (Their website is here:

At LadiesCon, there were many vendors and local artists in the main hall. There were so many things on display, from comic books, children’s books, artwork, illustrations, graphic t shirts and more. Two vendors at the convention included Comicopa and Hub Comics, two other comic books shops in the Boston area. Additionally, a few guests were present as well, including actress Gigi Edgley, comic book artist Tana Ford, comic illustrator and artist Joe Quinones, and a few more. They talked with guests about their work and signed autographs.

In the basement and on the second floor of the venue, there were several panels that were hosted throughout the day. These panels ranged from Con Survival Tips, Fandom Online, Gaming 101, Queer Manga and a few more. The participants talked about safety tips in navigating conventions and the online world, provided history about pop culture works written by women and minority groups, taught others how to make toys, and demonstrated how different games across pop culture work.

There was a lot of interaction among the guests at the convention as well. Some people came in cosplays and took pictures with others. Outside the venue, there was a small lawn where the iconic jeep from the original Jurassic Park was displayed along with a fake dinosaur skeleton, for guests to take pictures with.

I really enjoyed going to LadiesCon. I follow the Comicazi Facebook page on social media, and I had heard about the event; I was pleased to learn that it was free. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend any of the panels, but I did explore the many comic books, and I purchased two of them:  a Wonder Woman and a Ms. Marvel. I was really impressed with how well the event was run, because although the convention was in a much smaller venue that other cons that I’ve been to, they still managed to make it fun and exciting for everyone involved.

Some of the many comics and other books on display at LadiesCon.

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