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Student Activities Fair Gets Enthusiastic Response

Large groups of students gathered at the Doble Campus for the Lesley Activities Fair this past Wednesday afternoon from 11 a.m. to 3p.m. They enjoyed music, sweet treats and the opportunity to make new friends, while learning more about the many student clubs at Lesley.  More than  a dozen tables stretched from the outdoor space in the midst of Doble and Wolfard Halls, almost reaching the steps of White Hall. Each club included ways to entice prospective members, giving out treats, phone grips, ID sleeves and other accessories. Public safety officers were also onsite, handing out free key-chains that activate a loud alarm when triggered, to promote safety on campus and in the community. There were a wide range of programs to sign up for, each completely different from the others. Music was booming as students eagerly went from each table to survey and join clubs of their interest.

“The Lesley Student Activities fair shows the excitement and energy for student activities that’s not always present on campus,” says Juliana Risica, Global Studies major and co-president of the Environmental Club. “It’s an exciting thing to be a part of.”

Activities represented at the fair ranged from the Anime club to Swingin’ Lynx (where you can learn and practice West Coast Swing dancing). Many clubs were representing specific hobbies, including the Film club, Lolsly Improv, and Strategic Gaming Club. There were also more community-oriented clubs like Lesley Delivers, CommonLYNX, Ladies First, Tutoring Plus and Big Brother/Big Sister. Clubs even represented certain religions that were open to all students interested, including Hillel, dedicated to supporting Jewish students, and the Christian Fellowship.

“This fair so much larger than the one I had at my high school. There’s so much more diversity here. There’s a club for everyone, like the Black Student Union!” Freshman and Animation major Imani Dorsey pointed out. The event was also an opportunity for students and club organizers to socialize and meet like-minded people on campus. There was even talk of the clubs working together in the future to plan and operate new affairs.

“A lot of clubs are focusing on collaboration,” said Kit Keown, Special Education major and Vice President of the Campus Activities Board. “Hopefully this year, there will be a bunch of activities done between events.”

All clubs were able to recruit interested students while spreading the message of their passion or mission. Business Management major Destini Booker commented, “I’m glad organizations could come together. It shows more school spirit.”

The event was a success, bringing much needed attention to the varied number of clubs and activities that Lesley has to offer. “Having good weather helped [too],” pointed out Gillian McClanahan, Animation major.

For more information about the clubs and activities at Lesley, you can go to the Student Organizations website:

Among the groups attending the Student Activities Fair were members of the Cheerleading team.


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