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Lesley Public Post Reporter Finishes His Master’s Degree

After my four years of undergraduate study at Lesley, I went out into the world. I found myself meeting new people, taking on new challenges, and reinventing myself in this new stage of life. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been one hell of a ride.

I felt that Lesley prepared me well for the journey ahead. I was comfortable with the progress I had made a year out of college. But then, I found that it wasn’t enough.

Going from Boston back to my hometown of San Francisco, I went from best in the world in a variety of industries like education and healthcare, to the top tech hub in the world. Seeing the level of competition in the workforce, observing the exceptional work being done, I knew I had to step it up if I wanted to make a name for myself. Hard work on the job was not the only answer. I knew that I needed to educate myself more on higher orders of business.

I was living at home sweet home, and I knew I wanted to return to the place where I had received my undergraduate education– it was like a home to me as well. I contacted Dr. Jonathan Jefferson, Chair of the Business Management Division, to discuss this; he quickly agreed to get on the phone with me as I strategized a plan of attack.

He supported the idea of me continuing my pursuit of higher education, and recommended I become a candidate for the Master’s of
Science in Management (MSM), an online graduate degree I was quite pleased with the improvements in the Business Management Program under Dr. Jefferson, and wanted to continue that journey. I enrolled right away.

What followed from that decision was an amazing adventure. The MSM program was informative, concise, and easy to access. Because it was entirely online, I had my reservations at first. But the professors made themselves readily available, and the technology at hand gave me just what I needed.

The coursework was challenging. But, I knew what the hard work would lead to if I persisted. After many months of trudging away, I have now graduated. I now have a job at a tech start-up in a sales role. It’s been a surreal journey, one that I am proud of. I know that as Lynx for
life, getting this Master’s degree has sharpened my claws. It has been an honor and a privilege to continue my education with Lesley. I encourage anyone who is looking to build on their careers and to conquer in the business arena to consider enrolling. I am certainly glad that I did!

Reporter Chris Anderson with Dr. Jefferson in 2015, prior to an interview.

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