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The End of an Era: Why Neighborhood Kids No Longer Play Outside

I grew up on a dead-end street. We were the last house on the right, the yellow one with yellow lights and two yellow dogs out front. My backyard was a fairy land to me and the woods that settled at its heels were like Neverland. Barefoot, tick-filled, and happy as hell, me and my… Read More ›

Lesley Offers New Minor in Africana Studies

Are you looking for a new minor and don’t know what to choose? Do you wish Lesley had a program that focused on the experiences of people of color?  Lucky for you, Lesley University has added Africana Studies as a new minor!  The idea for this minor came from student-initiated discussions about the need for… Read More ›

Theater Review: Macbeth (Oxford Street Players)

[Editor’s note:  Freddy Widmer also assisted with this review; the reviewers attended two separate performances. Christina’s observations are first, followed by Freddy’s.] Lesley University’s Oxford Street Players performed Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Marran Theater on April 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th to enthusiastic audiences.  Founded in 1993, the Players perform a Shakespearean play every year. This… Read More ›

Speakers Discuss the Rise of Global Extremism

On April 5, the social science division of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences hosted “The Global Rise of Far Right Extremism,” an event to discuss the systemic place of white supremacy in the world and here on campus.  Presented in Alumni Hall, the event began with a viewing of the documentary White Right:… Read More ›

Arts Review: “The Future of the Past: Art and Activism”

For the sixth year in a row, Lesley University’s Graduate School for Arts and Sciences, in partnership with Violence Transformed, has opened the exhibit “The Future of the Past: Art and Activism.”  Displayed in Marran Gallery, this exhibit asserts the ability of art, artists and the process of making art to reflect on the modern… Read More ›