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Concert Review: Travis Scott

Before arriving to TD Garden on Sunday night the 2nd of December, I was so unbelievably excited to see Travis Scott perform his most recent album, AstroWorld, but once I got there my opinion suddenly changed. Don’t get me wrong, it was a super fun concert, my best friend and I had a great time, but my view on him as a performer completely dwindled about half way into the show.

TD Garden and its employees were phenomenal and great hosts, but the rest of the people attending… not so much. To start the concert off, once my friend and I arrived we had two adolescent boys in our seats, yes adolescent. We were surrounded by overly intoxicated 15-year olds, but even so, we still decided to make the best of the time. The opening act, Gunna, might have been the best part about the concert; you could tell that he was actually performing live, and unconditionally into it.

I immediately noticed that there was not one other performer on stage while Travis was present, which I thought was kind of odd. I’ve been to a good number of concerts and music festivals ranging from Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Aboogie, Wu-tang, to Tom Petty, Beach House, and even Lil Wayne and Eminem. This is very obviously an extremely large range of music and artist, but even the other rap artists mentioned all had a live band and/or other performers with them. I also believed once he started to sing he was completely overly auto-tuned, even more than in the songs on the album available on the internet.

Travis Scott did a great job at hyping up his audience, and he put together a great show for everyone; but it’s frustrating that this gets misinterpreted to him being a great artist and performer. He would scream the first few lyrics of each song and then go obviously into a recording of his song, which can be very normal for artists to do; but they usually choose to do a recording if they have dance routines. Travis had no routines whatsoever, besides him going back and forth on a roller coaster; I just felt as if he put a very minimal amount of effort into orchestrating a performance for those not on the floor. Typically, no matter what concert you go to, if you have floor seats you know you are going to have a great time, especially at concerts which are meant to hype you up.  But from having balcony seats (which some paid upwards a hundred dollars for) I really do admit I was disappointed.

It’s interesting how I’ve never seen even half as many people at a Mac concert as I did at the Travis concert, and if you compare the two as artists and even as performers as well Mac one hundred percent surpasses Travis.

Another complaint I would have about the concert is it was nauseatingly loud. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of how loud concerts are/can be, but I have never been to one that was this loud; it felt as if my brain was rattling. All day the next day, I had no voice and my head felt super weird and fuzzy due to how brain-numbing it was. I didn’t even scream at all; I simply lost my voice trying to communicate to my friend who was right next to me. We actually ended up leaving early due to how underwhelmed we were by Travis. The fact this happened does upset me, given how excited I was to see Travis and his performance. I’m really grateful I didn’t spend as much money as some on the concert, because I believe I would have been even more upset and disappointed than I already am.

The last complaint I have pertaining to the concert would have to be the fact he uses the slogan “wish you were here” for his album. For those of you who don’t know, “wish you were here” is a song by the famous classic rock band, Pink Floyd that will absolutely go down in history. Thanks to how he uses the term, now all of these kids are using the slogan and they don’t even know or realize that it’s not from Travis Scott but in fact it’s from Pink Floyd.

In fairness, there were some positives at the concert.  Travis had amazing visuals, not only on stage, but towards the middle; he had banners with really neat and cool visuals as well. He also for the floor had two stages, one in the front and one in the back. He performed on both stages, enabling almost all of the floor guests to have a front and center view of him. It also enabled people in the balcony to see him better from certain angles as well. Another thing I liked about the concert was how he implemented the roller coaster to take him back and forth between stages; but like I said, this was one of his only real routines within the concert. So, in conclusion Travis Scott did put on a great concert, but to someone who has seen many amazing artists in concert, I was definitely disappointed in his ability as a performer.

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