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Men’s Basketball Players Disappointed That “Coach G” Is Leaving

If you are a student-athlete, one of the most important people in your life, in addition to your professors, is your coach.  That is especially true for the members of the men’s basketball team here at Lesley.  I had the good fortune to work for an outstanding coach, Chris Giordano.  And I am disappointed to… Read More ›

Movie Review: Isle of Dogs

It has been almost a decade since director Wes Anderson returned to the tedious world of stop-motion animation. In that time, he has made two widely successful movies, Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel, and has been nominated for more than a few Oscars. Now he is back with his latest film, Isle of… Read More ›

Stereotypes of Mental Illness Persist

Even at a time when more people are getting a college education, so many myths and stereotypes still persist. This is especially true about those of us living with a mental illness. There are common misconceptions about metal illness, such as:  someone with depression can just snap out of it; or obsessive-compulsive disorder means everything… Read More ›

Feeling Stressed? Drinking Tea Could Help You to Feel Better

As finals begin rolling around, it’s important to keep an eye on your physical and mental health. The last few weeks of the semester are regarded as the craziest; the late-night study sessions interspersed with irregular sleeping patterns; the coffee-buzzed cramming at the Student Center; and the snacks that are consumed in an effort to… Read More ›

Threshold Program Encourages Educational Inclusion

Students who are new to Lesley may not be aware of the Threshold program, which provides a two-year on campus college experience for students with diverse learning challenges. Threshold has accessible housing for those with various kinds of disabilities; and it not only offers on-campus classes, but also provides job opportunities, such as working in… Read More ›

Promoting Environmental Sustainability: What We’re Doing Well, and What Needs to Improve

I recently took a course entitled Environmental Sustainability, and it had a strong impact on me.  Before taking it, I used to think about environmental sustainability on an individual level only.  I knew it was important not to waste any resources, whether natural or man-made; but I never looked at the bigger picture, the collective… Read More ›

Director of Commuter Student Services Gives Progress Report on Food Pantry

There has been a noticeable effort put into accommodating commuter students this year.  This is especially important because students who commute now make up more than 50% of the total number of undergraduate students at Lesley University.  In September 2017, Linda Elliott became the director of commuter students services, and she has led the effort… Read More ›

Arts Review: Romeo and Juliet

There’s nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon listening to a full orchestra and watching two star-crossed lovers dance their way to their death.  As the Boston Ballet’s rendition of Romeo and Juliet came to a close on April 8th, I was fortunate enough to see one of the last performances of the production.  The classic… Read More ›

Reflections on the D.C. March for our Lives

A few months ago when I was planning a trip down to Washington, D.C. to visit a friend I thought it would just be a normal weekend. We’d see some monuments, go to a museum or two, maybe even make it down in time to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Never in my… Read More ›

Return of Bald Eagles is Positive Sign for Conservationists

Drive down any Massachusetts highway and you are bound to see hawks, falcons, and even an occasional owl or vulture perched on a tree branch or hovering on a telephone pole high above the cement. Rarely, do you get a glimpse of an entirely unexpected creature.  But, as I was driving into the Boston last… Read More ›