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How to Pick Yourself Back Up: Some Tips for Handling Disappointment

  ‘The sky’s the limit’ is something  my mother would say to me every since I was a little girl. I take this saying seriously because to me, no matter where life takes me, I know that I can always be my best self. Despite always having these words in the back of my mind,… Read More ›

Movie Review– Pacific Rim: Uprising

This is not Guillermo Del-Toro’s Pacific Rim. The sequel to the widely-acclaimed action film by Del-Toro fails to rise up to its predecessor’s stature. Featuring Steven S. DeKnight in his directorial debut, Pacific Rim: Uprising clocks in at 111 minutes of pure nonsense. In the Pacific Rim universe, war is waged between human kind and… Read More ›

Lesley Students Take Part in March For Our Lives in Boston

On Saturday March 24, 2018, marches and rallies in support of reforming America’s gun laws were held all over the country.  Along with other Lesley students, I attended the march in Boston, where I saw yellow bus after yellow bus lining the roads from the State House to the Boston Common, as thousands of young… Read More ›

Why Are the Media Ignoring the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis?

[Editor’s note:  Reem Al-Khalqi comes from Yemen; she is currently studying sociology and social change at Lesley.] I am sure that when most people think of “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” their first reaction is, “No, we read and hear a lot about Syria.” But unfortunately, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis is not in Syria;… Read More ›

Edward Snowden, Data Collection, and Me

It was a major event in summer of 2013, and in the future, it may be called a milestone in American history: I’m referring to whistleblower Edward Snowden, who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA). He opened the eyes of many American citizens, who did not know that the NSA secretly collects… Read More ›

Men’s Basketball Team Overcomes Many Obstacles This Season

[Editor’s Note:  Jordan Bellitti is a transfer student who came to Lesley from Curry.  A sophomore, majoring in Children, Youth and Family Studies, he was the men’s basketball team’s third highest scorer this year.] Men’s basketball at Lesley is still relatively new: in fact, it was only twelve years ago that the first games were… Read More ›