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A Listener Wonders: Did We Help Ashbrook Stay in Power for Too Long?

In a small Italian restaurant outside Boston on December 8, 2017, I heard a buzz from my phone. Shocked, staring at the breaking news alert, my mother and I sat in silence unable to comprehend that our favorite radio host was being suspended for allegations of sexual misconduct and creating an abusive work environment. She… Read More ›

Lesley Students Recommend Swing Dancing

Sometimes Wednesdays can be even more of a struggle than Mondays. Wednesday is surrounded on all sides by more of the same – work. But what are you doing to break free from your Wednesday rut? Why not try west coast swing dancing with The Dancing Fools? Dance can be incredibly beneficial to people of… Read More ›

Students Say Campus Shuttle Is Still Not Reliable

Lesley’s campus is big for the relatively small population that inhabits it.  The campus spans a mile of Massachusetts Avenue, meaning if a student were to walk from the Brattle campus to the Porter campus, it could take anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five minutes.  For the students who sometimes can’t, or don’t want to, make… Read More ›

Movie Review: “Get Out”

What is the secret ingredient in a horror movie that frightens rational, educated grown-ups and causes them to have nightmares? Whatever “it” is, countless so-called horror movies have failed spectacularly over the years, especially during the last two decades.  But fortunately for horror fans, Jordan Peele, the director of the Academy Award-nominated movie “Get Out,”… Read More ›

Best-Selling Romance Authors Discuss Their Craft at Boston Public Library

I’m a creative writing major and a literature minor, so books are my life! I love to read, and I love hearing authors talk about their work; so, I was excited to learn about an interesting series of talks at the Boston Public Library.  The one I attended took place on February 3; it was… Read More ›

Students Wish Washburn Hall Served Dinner on Weekends

Forking over the cash for a meal plan, no pun intended, is no small task. Students pay a significant amount of money each semester for food services. It is reasonable for us to expect that food is readily available for a large portion of the day. That is why I find it a problem that… Read More ›

Award-Winning Reporter Robin Wright Gives Informative Talk

Amidst the applause of two thousand people, acclaimed journalist, foreign correspondent, and Middle East expert Robin Wright strode onto the stage Boston’s Symphony Hall.  Contrary to her small stature and her own assertion that she was a timid child, Wright has all the confidence of a bull moose, a trait certainly brought on by the… Read More ›

Our Picks and Predictions for Oscar Night

When I was younger, I never really thought much of the Oscars. My mom always kept it on to watch the girls walk the red carpet in their pretty dresses and then quickly changed the channel once the awards portion of the night actually got started. My dad would wait and see if this year’s… Read More ›

Commuter Students See On-Campus Improvements

These days, Lesley University has become a predominantly commuter school.  57% of the total 4,826 graduate and undergraduate students are living off campus, (based on a 2016 data analysis); this means there is a growing need for the administration to provide resources to the particular needs of commuter students.  These issues range from parking availability,… Read More ›