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Historian Jon Meacham Visits Lesley

When I first arrived at the Jon Meacham talk that was recently held in Marran theater, I was relieved to see that some of my other classmates were also attending the event.  I took a seat next to friends, and we waited for Mr. Meacham to arrive. While we waited, I decided that it would… Read More ›

Successful Season for Women’s Soccer

Editor’s Note: This report was co-written by two players on the team, Hope Seasholes and Jordan Mitchell. “This is my second year playing on the Women’s Soccer team,” says Hope Seasholes, an Art Therapy major.  “In only two seasons I have seen how we’ve all grown; our energy, confidence, and attitudes changed this year. I… Read More ›

In Defense of Video Games

There’s a tunnel up ahead with large swinging axes shredding the air. Up ahead is your destination– a door that can only be opened with a combination written on the key that you now possess. After unlocking the huge door, you face yet another peril, but no worries– your skills are endless now, your prowess… Read More ›

How Politics is Keeping Us from Fighting Climate Change

Over the course of the past several months, four hurricanes have ravaged the United States. The first, Hurricane Harvey, made landfall in August, destroying miles of property in Texas. The second, Hurricane Irma, hit the southernmost tip of Florida on September 10th, leaving massive floods and dozens of bodies in its wake. The third, and… Read More ›