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Why I Object to “Trigger Warnings”

There is a movement that has been created by students at certain colleges, a movement to clean the environment of ideas, words, and subjects that could cause discomfort or offense. In a nut shell, students and professors are restricted from writing, speaking, teaching, and thinking about themes that could be offensive to certain peers. This… Read More ›

Keeping Up With How the Teams Are Doing

The Women’s Soccer Team is eight games deep into their fall season, and their record currently stands at 6-1-2. Their only loss was to MIT, which has a nationally ranked program; and yet, the Lesley women still managed to scored two goals during the match. They are 2-0 in conference play, and they have already… Read More ›

Lesley Grad is Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Entrepreneur… and Organ Donor

Editor’s Note:  Periodically, we like to let everyone know how our alums are doing.  Jeremy Colon graduated with a degree in Business Management in 2015. Here’s what he’s been up to: There are always events in your life that change you, events that help you to grow or see life differently.  Before I graduated and… Read More ›

New to Lesley? New to the Area? We’ve Got Helpful Advice for You!

First, welcome to the campus.  Whether you are new to the university, or new to the area, or both, we’re glad you are here.  Here are a few helpful hints that may make things a little easier, as you get adjusted to your new surroundings.  All of the clichéd blogs and Facebook posts you’ve seen–… Read More ›