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Why You Should Write for the Lesley Public Post

I grew up watching the 5 o’clock news with my mother and father and reading the newspaper headlines on Sundays. Most of the time I would just read the words, not really thinking about the meaning behind them. As I grew and gained independence, I began to see how the world worked. I started paying attention to the bigger picture behind the ticker tape headlines. It wasn’t long into my career here at Lesley University that I decided to start pursuing a minor in Communications and began my journey into my professional journalism career.

Lesley University has a newspaper, but not many people know that. I have heard from many of my peers that they believed that Commonthought, our school’s literary magazine, was our school newspaper. Someone who is new to Lesley may not know about the Lesley Public Post. They may not even know that any student can write for it, if they have a story to tell. I wouldn’t have even thought about writing for the Lesley Public Post if it weren’t for my classes.

For the writers, the bloggers, and the social justice advocates of this university, the Lesley Public Post is a perfect way to get your editorial career off the ground. The Lesley Public Post is an award-winning newspaper, that is as respected as any other college newspaper; and we have the opportunity to make it even better known.  And that is where you come in:  we need new writers, and there is no better place to start doing some reporting than the Lesley Public Post.  The Lesley University community is supportive and helpful, and the editors of the newspaper will always help you to succeed in your endeavors as a journalist.

If you’re passionate about something, I suggest writing an article for our newspaper. If your friends are passionate about it, get them to write as well. Maybe it’s an article about something interesting you are doing on campus, like a new student organization.  Or, maybe it’s an current issue you want to discuss.   In the age of social media, we are seeing the denial of facts, which makes good journalism all the more important.  So, be the change in journalism that you want to see. The Lesley Public Post may be small, but it has made a difference before, and it can make a difference again– it’s really up to us.  The more we participate, the more we can help our newspaper to grow.  No article is too small.  And yes, we do publish during the summer.  It’s never too late to start changing the way the world views journalism.  Student journalists are an important part of our campus, so find your voice and say what’s on your mind. The Lesley Public Post will thank you for it!

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