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Conversation with Norman Stone: A Somerville Boxing Legend

I admit did not know the fame and achievement of Norman “Stoney” Stone when I first introduced myself to him at Somerville Boxing Club. A friend of mine on campus suggested I work out at the boxing gym because they offer free lessons. Never having experienced boxing before, I decided to give it a shot…. Read More ›

In Defense of Astrology

We live in a world today where everyone claims to have “The Answer,” the coveted explanation for why things are the way they are and how to make the most of life. We go around searching for one easy solution, but eventually find that it is by looking inward toward oneself (while paying attention to… Read More ›

Lesley Baseball Team Wins First Ever Conference Championship; Earns Bid to NCAA

Last Monday, the Lesley University baseball team made program history, winning the NECC championship for the first time.  And while this was impressive, it comes with an even sweeter ending: an automatic bid to play in the NCAA tournament. Here’s how it happened.  After earning the fourth seed in the playoffs, the Lynx took down… Read More ›

Before Joining “Ladies First,” Lesley Student Once Sang the National Anthem at Fenway Park

[Editor’s Note:  Lesley’s all female a cappella group “Ladies First” recently gave its final performance of the semester, before an enthusiastic audience.  But several years ago, one of the members of the group sang for an entirely different audience:  baseball fans at Fenway Park.  She looks back on that amazing experience.] As the last few… Read More ›

What to See in the Skies: The Spring Equinox

Not too long ago, there was a trending phenomenon across all social media platforms — standing an egg and a broom straight up and having it balance on its own. It was September 22, 2016 when I opened Twitter, and to my surprise I saw several brooms standing upright without any assistance. Must have been… Read More ›

How to Conquer Writer’s Block in Five Easy Steps

So your professor wants you to write an article for the school newspaper. That sounds like it should be easy enough! You could write about an event going on at the school, or one of the clubs that meets on campus, or maybe address an issue that has a lot of resonance with your peers,… Read More ›

Healthy Drinks Are Hard to Find in Dining Hall

Lesley University’s dining services offer many choices for students with dietary restrictions, including vegan and gluten free meal plan options. However, while the food has been the primary focus for health-savvy students, one of the main things that is being overlooked in our dining options is the drink selections that come complimentary with the meal… Read More ›