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The Importance of Green Energy

Imagine yourself standing on top of a mountain and listen to the stillness of your surroundings. Take a look around and envision the power that nature has bequeathed onto you. In that moment, you can see the glory of earth and understand it’s our number one priority. Without nature, there is no life.

As of March 28th, President Trump has kept his promise to undo global warming policies, by signing an executive order that lessens the EPA’s climate regulation powers. President Trump has taken a strong stance on easing climate regulations in favor of American job opportunities. As CNN states “Trump said during the signing that the order will ‘eliminate federal overreach’ and ‘start a new era of production and job creation.”  But unfortunately, the President neglects the job opportunities that green energy could produce. Hillary Clinton outlined a plan in which she would “support project labor agreements on infrastructure projects that utilize skilled labor and help recruit and train members of the local community”, so those with no experience could gain skills to join a growing workforce. But President Trump’s refusal to consider alternative forms of energy could hinder communities in need of economic vitalization.

A solar field in Rwanda has proven that economic inequality, failing infrastructures, and job scarcity can be enlightened by green energy. David Smith, from The Guardian reports, an 8.5MW solar power plant, in the shape of Africa, has been in operation since July 2014 and has contributed to the creation of 350 local jobs. The plant is occupied by the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village and houses “vulnerable children orphaned before and after the genocide”. The Youth village has trained students how to work on the solar site and is a source of pride for the community. While discussing the success of the project with David Smith, Director Jean-Claude Nkulikiyimfura states “renewable energy is the way to go and we’re really proud to have it here. It shows what’s really possible when government works with the public and private sectors.” The small community in Rwanda could be a lesson to the Trump administration and proves that investing solely in coal is a disservice to a failing trade.

The importance of job creation should not hinder the importance of energy evolution. Nor should it impact the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to protect U.S. citizens right to clean water, air, and land. The EPA has a history of losing and gaining influence with each president, but during a time when global temperatures, oceans, and wars are rising, the EPA needs the support of its government. Remember that mountain you envisioned yourself standing on? Now think about how different the landscape would look if President Trump and the Republican party continue to support oil and coal as the only viable energy solution. President Trump’s new climate and energy order would roll back the Clean Power Plan, change carbon standards, rethink greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas, and have agencies look at rules such as the Clean Water Act to ensure it does not conflict with business ventures. If President Trump is a cornucopian then he would see the monetary gain in combating climate change. Climate change is happening and with an administration that disregards its existence, I ask you to stand on the mountain rather than trying to move it.

A Mother’s Thirst

The pain keeps on growing,

As I keep on groaning

At the horrible state that I’m in

But, I must persevere,

For my children will fear,

The day my surface disappears

My attempts to fight back

Have caused quite a crack

So, you must pardon me, my dear,

For my systems are failing,

And you will go sailing,

Because you wouldn’t help me

My dear.



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