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Movie Review: Logan

Hugh Jackman has portrayed  the X-Men character Wolverine for over seventeen years, and in nine movies.   In his most recent film, Logan (2017), which is  based on the graphic novel “Old Man Logan,” he is facing his final days on Earth, after his mutant prolonged life of four hundred years.  It is the year 2029, and the one thing he is sure of is he is dying, as his body is rejecting the government enhancements forced upon him  as part of the Weapon X program in the 1970’s.

The tragic part of his situation is now, he wants to die; the immortal, rapid-healing mutant has grown tired of life.  And all of his friends, except for one, are also dead.  (A heads up to all Wolverine fans:  this film is easily the most violent outing of the nine-film collection; so please do not be surprised to see Logan at his berserking best.  But be warned that some of the scenes in this movie are well worth the R rating, and might not be appropriate for kids.)

Nearly sixty years after being forced into becoming Weapon X, Logan discovers that the former government project to weaponize human beings-mutants has been continued over the years, sub-contracted to private industry in Mexico.  The result of this program is that the only surviving mutants are a group of eleven and twelve year old children, who are known as the X-23 program.  They are being hunted, since they escaped extermination when the corporation decided their X-24 asset was far superior to the children of X-23.  Faced with this situation, Logan has a dilemma:  he must alter his plans and muster up his strength– which he is no longer sure he even has available to him– in order to do the right thing one last time… if he can.

Joining Hugh Jackman in the movie is Patrick Stewart (you may remember him from his role as Jean-Luc Picard on the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation); here, he plays the role of the elderly Charles Xavier, who is suffering from a degenerative brain disease and is being protected by Logan.  Also starring in the film is  Stephen Merchant as Caliban, Richard E. Grant as Doctor Rice, Boyd Holbrook as Pierce, Eriq La Salle as Will Munson, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Gabriela and Dafne Keen as Laura.  Reviews for the film on sites like Rotten Tomatoes have been positive, and having seen the movie, I can see why.  If this is in fact the final episode in the series, the movie’s director (James Mangold) has definitely saved the very best for last.

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