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The Importance of Green Energy

Imagine yourself standing on top of a mountain and listen to the stillness of your surroundings. Take a look around and envision the power that nature has bequeathed onto you. In that moment, you can see the glory of earth and understand it’s our number one priority. Without nature, there is no life. As of… Read More ›

CLAS and LUCAD: Mending the Divide

Since I am in my last semester Lesley, I must say that time spent at this school surely has been an unforgettable experience. I was able to take unique classes pertaining to my major; I made life long friendships; and I got to live in one of the most well known college towns in the… Read More ›

Lesley Expands its Business Program

Usually after I tell people I attend Lesley, they immediately follow up with “oh, are you majoring in Education?” When I say no, they guess counseling, art therapy, or something in LUCAD. Nobody has ever guessed Business. While our Education and Counseling programs are incredibly well known and respected, our Business program is not as… Read More ›

Rwandan Genocide Survivor Speaks to Lesley Students

On April 7, 2017, Lesley CAB hosted Daniel Trust. Speaking to a small group in Alumni Hall, Mr. Trust shared his remarkable story of going from being a refugee in Zambia, to an advocate for refugees, low-income, and LGBT youth in America. His story was compelling, as he recalled incidents from his past.  “We need… Read More ›

Red Sox Giving Fans Reasons for Optimism

April is in full swing, which means good weather is right around the corner. However, it also means that baseball is back. For many, the baseball season is one’s saving grace from those hot summer days. As a kid from New York, I will always remember putting on my Derek Jeter jersey and fielding ground… Read More ›

Lesley Student Participates in Somerville Open Studios

[Editor’s note:  LCAL student Robert Puig Reyes will be participating in this year’s Somerville Open Studios, which takes place on the weekend of May 6th and 7th, from noon until 6 pm each day.  He will be opening his studio, along with three studio-mates, and exhibiting some of his paintings and drawings.]  Somerville Open Studios… Read More ›

Thrifting– An Ethical Way to Shop

As a follow-up to my previous article about the horrors of the fast-fashion industry, I have compiled a list of the best secondhand stores near Lesley.  When I first got to college, I definitely thought that thrifting was only conducive to a specific kind of quirky style.  I didn’t understand that you can have whatever… Read More ›

“Fibers Circle” is New Campus Club for Crafters

Do you like crafting? Do you want to learn a new skill like knitting, crocheting or decorative embroidery? Does a morning of tea, cookies, blankets and yarn sound like a fun time? If your answer is yes, then you should look into Lesley University’s newest student club, Fibers Circle. The club held their first meeting… Read More ›

Men’s Baseball Off to Strong Start

After an exciting and successful spring break trip in Florida, the Lynx baseball team has not been cooled off by the harsh New England weather in the last couple of weeks.  After posting a 7-2 record in the Sunshine State, the team has kept rolling, winning four of their first six games up north which… Read More ›

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Growing up in the 90’s, Disney princess movies were a key part of my childhood.  Beauty and the Beast, originally released in 1991, was never a particular favorite of mine. The dark aesthetic of the film, and frankly, the beast himself, scared 4-year-old me. But as I got older, Beauty and the Beast became one… Read More ›