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A Report from Fashion Month

Spring has sprung! For fashion designers the lights are on, it is show time. As this season is blossoming, worldwide couture destinations are hosting their annual spring fashion shows. Fashion week is a week-long fashion production, hosted in various global style capitals, where clothing designers reveals their newest collection for the media and buyers to sell. Fashion trickles down after designers influence the media and buyers. The way it works is that designers influence celebrities and bloggers, who then reach the masses. Today’s designers are responsible for setting what is new and next for the public.

To designers, each garment they reveal has undergone hours of construction and precision. From early February to mid March, these designers showcase months worth of work. First stop, New York City. The launch of fashion week was February 1st and the big apple was the center of fashion until the 9th. Couture then moved overseas to Europe. Shows ran in London from February 17th to the 21st. Fashion headed  southeast, from London to Milan, Italy for six days. As Milan was closing their shows, Paris kicked off theirs on February 28th.  And fashion month came to a final close on March 8th.

As these shows moved to different countries, so did the supermodels. A model who has been front and center this season is Bella Hadid, daughter of former Dutch model Yolanda Hadid. Bella first launched her modeling career in 2014, when she was sixteen years old. The 5’9″ beauty is no longer some rookie with a famous mom. This season alone, she has walked for some of the biggest names, such as, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.

Jeremy Scott, creative director of the fashion house Moschino, recently shared his perspectives with the New York Times.  “I am interested in things people don’t find beautiful, what they discard,” he said. The designer discussed how he has entered this phase in his designing career where he finds a great deal of interest in recycling. Scott has used paper sacks, moving blankets, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, before in his collections. Moschino creator went on to talk about how couture is not what you wear, but all in the attitude you dress in.

The public has kept their eyes peeled for big designer brands, such as, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, and Moschino. What we are are expected to see this upcoming fall is fashion history repeating itself. Yes, that means it is prime time to shop vintage. If you are a hoarder, it is time to dust off those storage boxes of clothes and see what you can repurpose.  You heard right: styles from various decades are making a come back. That is the single most thing predictable about history–  it repeats itself. Fall 2017 fashion will bring us nostalgia. This season body silhouettes and definitions are about to be flaunted, so hit the gym, ladies, if you are not prepared yet! Street style is back in, which means go snag yourself a pair of seventies style boots or retro looking sunglasses, even a big gold chain necklace if you feel like. Fall is expected to have leather and silk, sheerness and bareness. The elections might be over, but the political campaign theme has been seen on the runway. Designers have been inspired by politics and have used colors and pantsuits in their fall line.

There is something to be said on designer Jeremy Scott’s point on recycling. For one of his shows, he dressed Miss Hadid in a statement dress that I myself have still been thinking back on. The hot number sparkled with a mix of shades of bronze, silvers, and golds, which are complementary. Moschino’s designer paired the dress with a fur coat off the shoulder and a 60’s wig that had slickness on the side, height on top and bold bangs. At first glimpse of the short strapless dress, it seemed as if it were all jewels, but with a closer look, you come to find the entirety of the dress is made of old watches going in different directions. Taking a common accessory, that is usually replaced, and not reusing it for any other original purpose, seems wasteful; Scott’s ideas have demonstrated something unique and innovative.

People travel to fashion shows because they are not yet content with their wardrobes at home.  And fashion consumers continue to look for a guarantee that their wardrobe will be up to date this coming season.  February and March are the time of the year where fashion is front and center. All season long designers, models, and fashion bloggers have been looking forward to finding out what the newest fashions will be. For some people, spring might only mean hope for a change in the weather; but for those of us who love fashion, this is the most thrilling time of the year.

Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino

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  1. It’s very refreshing. A wide window of fashion, colors and well being. I wish the student writer could give us few tickets for fashion shows in London, Milano and Paris but bravo already for the article. Sadek

  2. Beautifully written article, captures the atmosphere of the fashion industry perfectly!

  3. Wow. Such a great overview of what has been, and what is to come in the fashion industry. I will definitely be looking in my closet to get ready for the season!

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