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How Quitting Social Media Helped Me Learn to Socialize Again

I use to scoff at all the clickbait articles warning against the dangers of social media. Anyone above the age of 30 seemed to think social media was the worst thing to happen to conversation.  But I disagreed. I personally loved social media and the way it allowed me to connect with my friends instantaneously…. Read More ›

Are We Doing Our Part to Fight “Fast Fashion”?

Students at Lesley are activists who are constantly doing what they can to learn, adapt their behavior, and educate others about the issues that matter.  The fast-fashion industry has become an environmental crisis that our generation cannot afford to ignore. The term “fast fashion” refers to a new retail model of clothing in which the… Read More ›

Is Lesley a Diverse Campus: A Student’s Perspective

Lesley University has come to hold a special place in my heart.  This university has a community unlike most college campuses that many just describe as a “Lesley” thing. We have an accepting community for the most part; yet there are still issues you may encounter if you don’t fit in with the general population…. Read More ›

Movie Review: John Wick

In honor of John Wick Chapter 2 (2017) being released last month in theaters, I decided to revisit the 2014 original John Wick. I had fond memories of my first viewing, but as with many things, its memory can be tainted upon second viewing. Luckily, this film only got better over time. The film follows… Read More ›

Being Transgender at Lesley: One Student’s Experience

I am a 31-year-old new LCAL student. I came out as transgender at age 19. I’d like to share about my experience as a transgender student with the Lesley community. As a new student, and a commuter, I haven’t had the opportunity to connect with many other transgender students. This article is the perspective of… Read More ›

A Report from Fashion Month

Spring has sprung! For fashion designers the lights are on, it is show time. As this season is blossoming, worldwide couture destinations are hosting their annual spring fashion shows. Fashion week is a week-long fashion production, hosted in various global style capitals, where clothing designers reveals their newest collection for the media and buyers to… Read More ›

Lack of Parking Has Commuting Students Frustrated

Lesley is a wonderful school that has so much to offer, and I’m glad I’m a student.   But there is one big problem I have, and I know I am not alone:  there is not enough parking for students who commute.  This leads to frustration: we are told to take public transportation, but while that… Read More ›

From Saudi Arabia to Cambridge MA: A Lesley Student’s Journey

In April 2009, I visited the United States as a tourist. I did not think that I would come back to this country again as a student.  But after several years, I came to Boston to study; and so began my journey to explore the American culture and lifestyle. Without any doubt, there are some… Read More ›

At Spring Training, Red Sox Show Positive Signs

There is no denying that this is a great time to be a Boston sports fan.  Many fans are still riding high from the Patriots’ incredible win in the Super Bowl, and the Celtics are in a good position to make a playoff push in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.  The real reason however that Boston… Read More ›