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A Tribute to Brian Muldoon

Editor’s Note:  Brian Muldoon, formerly the Athletic Department’s Sports Information Director, recently left Lesley to take a position at another school. Some of the students who worked with him wanted to let him know how much they appreciated him.  This piece was written by guest contributor Jordan Mitchell.

Brian Muldoon joined Lesley University in 2013, as the Sports Information Director of the Athletic Department. He was directly under the Assistant Director of Athletics and the Athletic Director.  Among Brian’s duties, he was in charge of the publicity and social media accounts for all sixteen varsity teams at Lesley.  This means all Twitters, Instagram, and any and all Facebook posts. Not only did he help with the rebranding and revamping of all of these social media accounts and websites; he took great care in making sure each was to the best of its ability, and was recognized by the university.  For Brian, it was not just a job:  he was also a loyal fan of our program, and he worked hard to make athletics more recognized on campus, as well as within the New England Collegiate Conference (which all our sports team belong to).

Brian was there, at nearly every game or match up. Every season has overlap, so if he was not at volleyball one night, he was at soccer, or track, or basketball, etc. Immediately after every match, he would produce an article that would be posted on the Lesley University website, highlighting both teams. He handled team photographs, and special athletic events such as Lynx Madness. Aside from his late hours at games and events, Brian was also the Faculty Advisor for SAAC (student athletic association council). This is an organization where student athletes help make improvements for the student athlete experience at Lesley. These meetings take place Sunday nights, and Brian was always in attendance.

After four very busy and productive years, Brian has taken a position as the new Assistant Athletic Director for Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the nation’s oldest boarding schools for grades nine through twelve.  He will oversee nearly 60 different varsity and junior varsity teams there, and based on what he accomplished while at Lesley, I am sure he will do well.

But on a more personal note and from the student-athlete perspective, I know we are all going to greatly miss him.  Not only was he always on campus throughout the day; he was at absolutely every event possible. He was always friendly, and he took time out of his day to congratulate us for a good performance during a match, or for an award we won.  He always asked how we were feeling and how practices were going. Brian Muldoon was the most present person in the athletic department for me. I reached out to him if there were ever any issues or problems, and he always responded quickly and thoroughly.  I saw from first-hand experience how much Brian cared about the athletic department, and at a small arts school, sometimes it’s easy to feel like no one else cares about the varsity teams here.

While I’m sure the new Sports Information Director will be an excellent fit at this school and organization, I know several student- athletes who are apprehensive.  We were very comfortable with Brian: he was not just well-known but trusted throughout the athletic community, and his departure has left large shoes to fill.  Athletes often struggle to find support within the Lesley community. Often times there is no travel offered to students to attend games, and I know personally as a member of the women’s soccer team, that attendance at matches can sometimes be slim to none. There are several other issues I could discuss, but let me just say that when someone who is as dedicated as Brian leaves, it can be difficult to stay optimistic. Brian Muldoon will be greatly missed, because he left the program better than he found it, and he played a major role in enhancing our experience as athletes.  While we wish him lots of success, all of us will miss him.

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