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Lesley Student Has Some Helpful Hints About Self-Publishing

Milestones. They are what keep our wheels turning, our lives going. They are that light at the end of the tunnel, and once that is reached, another light begins to flicker. For me, the milestone that kept me going was the undertaking of becoming a self-published author. With unconditional family support and determination, I achieved… Read More ›

Movie Review: La La Land

La La Land is on the top of everyone’s watch list this awards season, as it swept the Golden Globes with a historic 7 wins, and nabbed 14 Oscar nominations; it is also favored to be the winner for best picture.  I will make it perfectly apparent that I am not the biggest fan of… Read More ›

Why I’m Still Optimistic, Despite Donald Trump’s Inauguration

As I write this, the inauguration of Donald Trump is only two days away.  For many of us, it’s been a countdown that was framed as a political doomsday.  I do understand that some people are very happy he was elected– even some people in Massachusetts, which is supposedly a blue state.  But while President-Elect… Read More ›

What Penguins Can Teach Us About Love

The idea of a “perfect” life for humans often consists of getting married, and having children.  Marriage in the United States is a very common practice; but while millions of people get married, studies show that only half of those marriages will last.  On the other hand, let’s consider animals, and there’s a lot we… Read More ›

Meeting a YouTube Celebrity

Over the past few years, a new model of celebrity has come to the forefront of social media, the YouTube celebrity.  These individuals embody the idea of “self- made” fame.  Not only do they have to create new and engaging content for their viewer; but in many cases, they act as their own publicist, and… Read More ›