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Movie Review: “Loving”

“When a man loves a woman…”  That song, which was originally sung by Percy Sledge, is one of my favorite songs of the 1960’s, and it played a large part in my memories from that bygone era.  In 1966, my mother and I lived at 56 Saint Germain Street in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, in… Read More ›

How First-Year Students Cope With Feeling Homesick

[Editor’s Note:  This article was written by Brittley Gaan.  She is majoring in Creative writing and minoring in Psychology.  She is from Seattle Washington.] Even though you may be very happy at Lesley, do you ever find yourself feeling homesick? If you do, you’re not alone.  I’ve found surveys which stated that 70-90% of college… Read More ›