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Making Time for Exercise

About two years ago, I had a completely different mindset about being healthy and working out.  I believed that since I was still young, I should not have to worry about that stuff just yet. I also associated the gym and working out with weight loss.  Since I’ve been skinny my entire life, losing weight has never been a problem for me, and I didn’t see how exercise would be necessary.

My mindset slowly started to change when I became a vegetarian. I started learning about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and it felt really good.  At first, it was bit difficult to maintain that lifestyle. It was something that definitely required time and patience.  But I found that after a while, I got the hang of it and it slowly started to become a habit– a good habit.

One day, I was talking to a friend who was sort of a gym freak. I didn’t quite understand where he found the motivation to go to the gym every day. As I began talking to him about it, I learned a whole other side about exercise. Exercise is not only about losing weight. It’s about taking care of your body.

Your body is like your home, so you should treat it as best as you can. Exercising can help prevent so many different illnesses such as diabetes, cancers, strokes, depression, arthritis, and etc. It will also help you in the long run. When you’re much older, your body will be more fit and will thank you for taking care of it during your younger years. Exercise can also help improve your mood and boosts energy! If you have trouble sleeping, exercise can help, because it promotes better sleep. It can even help your cognitive function and memory, and boost your creativity.  It’s known to be one of the best stress relievers.

As I found from my own experience, there are an endless amount of benefits to exercise.  It’s important that we learn to take care of our bodies, by eating a healthy diet and by making sure we get enough physical exercise (something that many students don’t do).  My advice is that if you feel lazy, try finding ways to motivate yourself.  Perhaps you can have a friend help to motivate you, or you can try to set goals for yourself; set the goals gradually and then increase them as you get more accustomed to exercising regularly.   I first began incorporating exercise into my life by going outside and jogging a few times a week.  I would do workouts at home also.  I found that I enjoyed it more and more, so I decided to get a gym membership.  Fortunately, Lesley offers a free gym to all of its students and faculty members, which makes it much easier and more accessible.

I began going to the gym at least five times a week. It was something that I loved and it made me feel great about myself. It really helped boost my self confidence. Seeing actual physical results is one of the best feelings!  It motivates you even more and pushes you to keep going. It becomes kind of addicting in a way.  My personal goal was to gain some muscle and tone my body, which I ended up achieving. I also learned how to get a correct amount of protein intake into my daily diet. This helped me learn to eat healthier, and it also helped to teach me discipline and self control.

I highly recommend that everyone try to incorporate some sort of physical exercise into their everyday lives.  It may seem difficult at first, but once you get used to doing it, you will find it’s worth the effort, and it even becomes easier (and more fun).  Start your own journey today by making a plan to include exercise in your life. You will begin to see results; and if you exercise regularly, it will benefit both your mind and your body in a very positive way, which is certainly what it has done for me!

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