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Why I Am Voting for Donald Trump

I am a Hispanic American male who is sixty-one years old. A former Captain of Light Infantry and a corporate banker, I have been retired since 2008 due to medical issues.  As a veteran, I have been gravely disappointed with the treatment my fellow veterans have received in recent years in an American society and political system which has demonstrated a tragic disregard for far too many service members from all eras.  As in the aftermath of the Vietnam Conflict (1959-1975), we are witnessing a growing number of homeless veterans returning home to America following their war service in Afghanistan and Iraq only to find no guarantee of peace or employment at home.

It is estimated that 22 veterans are committing suicide everyday across our nation while the politicians running our country seek to increase their pay and entitlement they are actively taking dollars out of the pockets of our elderly and veterans to fund the settlement of refugees who are not only presenting a drain on our society, but in some cases have demonstrate a clear and present danger to our national security,  The established order has developed into a power elite who instead serving the best interests of the American people seek to serve their own best interests and the best interests of those who fund their candidacies to higher offices.  The establishment is not only being purchased by the top 2 percent of America, yer gleefully taking monies from foreign concerns who have interests in direct opposition to those of our nation.  High technology jobs are being shipped out of our nation daily to nations that promise cheap labor while we know that America cannot endure based solely upon service industries; we cannot become a nation of customer service clerks and waiters!

In my mind, Donald J. Trump is not a Republican candidate, nor is he a Democratic candidate, but he is certainly the anti-establishment candidate.  He is not a professional politician by any means and it would surely be false to suggest that he is without some very real faults; however he is the best possible candidate to promote change in the highest office of the land.  To date I know of no perfect person who will instantly provide the most perfect solutions to all of our problems, but the future of our great nation requires bold and different approaches in Government and not the same-old-same-old.  America can feed the world and heal the wounds of the multitudes seeking peace, but we must first be strong and at peace at home.  We must reach out to rescue our daughters and sons who are dying at a rate of 154 veterans a week, over 600 young lives each and every month.  We need to be an America committed to solving the problems of our major cities, an America willing to build a better future together,  An America that will once again be a bright and shinning example to the world, an America that puts all of its people first, not merely the rich and powerful, but all of us whether we be great or small,  We need to forge our American future and assume the mantle of leadership, which cannot be done by being shy or politically correct.  I believe that Donald J. Trump is the only candidate bold enough to make the changes we need to forge that future.

Our veterans, our daughters and sons, sisters and brother who walked in harm’s way need hope and services that will effectively help them to find their way home.  They will need job opportunities that will build for them real futures in our American communities, and not just a temporary or seasonal job that removes them from the unemployment rolls for six months.  They, like all of us, require a foundation on which to stake our lives and build our futures.  The answers and concepts that brought us here over the past forty years will not serve to lead us into a better future.  We need to take an active role in building a future for the American people; one person cannot do it alone! Just as one nation will not be able to heal the ills of the world, a strong America in recovery can be a  partner in building a better, peaceful world that will reach out among the other planets of our solar system and the stars beyond.  The best person to lead this country into that better future is Donald J. Trump, and that is why he has my support.


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