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A Former Bernie Supporter Chooses Hillary Clinton

I was disappointed that Bernie Sanders did not receive the nomination, so I sought out a candidate I believed was closest to him and his ideologies.  For me, that candidate is Hillary Clinton.  Though I may not fully agree with her entire political agenda, I believe that she is the most qualified and best viable option for president of the United States in this current 2016 election.

As I mentioned, I do not totally agree with all that Hillary is about, but there some issues she has addressed that I strongly agree with.  For example, it is more and more obvious that the current state of our education system is lacking, and that higher education is simply too expensive. Hillary intends to make college an affordable option for everyone. She has also emphasized that high quality K-12 education in public schools must be a priority for EVERY child in America.  She also plans to introduce the New College Compact, which means that no student would ever have to borrow to pay for tuition to attend a four-year public college in their state of residency, and any American with student debt could refinance.

Considering all the recent stories about social and racial injustice in the United States, she stands for equality and fairness.  Hillary has declared a comprehensive commitment to bringing equity and greater opportunity to communities of color, which would lead to less of a racial divide; she is also committed to empowering those who have been born into the cycle of poverty.

Hillary also has plans for comprehensive immigration reform, that would include a path to full and equal citizenship for undocumented immigrants.  Most of the illegal immigrants in our country are not drug dealers, murderers, and rapists; they are people who are trying to have a better life for themselves and their families. If access to citizenship was made easier, these immigrants could help stimulate the economy.

And that leads me to the next reason why I find Hillary Clinton the most viable candidate. If elected, she plans to raise middle-class incomes; income inequality (which Bernie Sanders talked about often) is the defining economic challenge of our time. The gap between the lower, middle, and upper class is absolutely absurd and is only increasing under our current financial system.  Hillary has a plan to make our financial system fairer and more accountable. She intends to make the wealthiest one percent pay their fair share in taxes and no longer get away with sketchy tax cuts. She will also make sure that the workers and employees that help produce the profits will get a share in them– and not just the CEOs.  Hillary Clinton has even said that she will prosecute any corporation or individual on Wall Street that breaks the law.

I truly believe she can fix our current financial mess; she has spent her whole career working to make America a more fair country, and she has many accomplishments to prove it. For example, as a senator she championed the Paycheck Fairness Act and co-sponsored the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to help close the wage gap so women earn equal pay.

Hillary is concerned about our environment and the planet as a whole. She plans to focus on renewable energy; for example she will introduce a Clean Energy Challenge that will form new partnerships among cities, rural communities, and states. She has set two major goals for her presidency; install over half a billion solar panels across the country by the end of her first term and to generate enough
renewable energy for every home in the US within the next 10 years. This is huge for me, as it is evident that our environment cannot sustain the damage we continue to place upon it.

At this point, Donald Trump is Hillary’s only true competition and there is no way I would vote for him.  He has no government experience, beyond being a business owner and citizen. He was fortunate enough to inherit a large sum of money to create his business empire, but he has gone bankrupt multiple times and he treats his employees horribly. Also, I believe he has radical views about immigrants and he does not believe in climate change. In fact, he is against most of what I believe, and I cannot imagine him being the the leader of this country.  As far as I am concerned, Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate; and after looking at my choices, she has many more positives than negatives.  For that reason, I plan on voting for Hillary Clinton as the 45th president of the United States.


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