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Women’s Soccer: A Difficult Playoff Loss, but Another Great Season

Competition is part of human nature:  we thrive on it, and it’s what makes the world work.  Those of us who play for Lesley University’s athletic teams understand the importance of competition.  We know it promotes creativity and genius; we also know there are always those who will rise to the top.  And we know… Read More ›

LCAL Event Focuses on Advice for Caregivers

On November 17th, the Lesley Center for the Adult Learner hosted a conversation at University Hall on the subject of “Caring for Caregivers.” The discussion was led by Julianne Corey, Assistant Director of Academic Advising for LCAL, and Dr. Heather Macdonald, a clinical psychologist who is also an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Applied Therapies… Read More ›

Making Time for Exercise

About two years ago, I had a completely different mindset about being healthy and working out.  I believed that since I was still young, I should not have to worry about that stuff just yet. I also associated the gym and working out with weight loss.  Since I’ve been skinny my entire life, losing weight… Read More ›

Trying to Make Sense of the Election: Another Perspective

Editor’s note:  Last week, we featured the perspective of a Trump supporter on the election results.  This week, our guest column is by Miranda Chang, who has been studying Political Communication at Lesley. What Happened, America?  It’s been a few days, and the idea of who represents our country is now slowly sinking in. As… Read More ›

It’s the Dawn of a New Day: Some Thoughts About the Election

It is the dawn of a new day… and Donald J. Trump is now the President-Elect of the United States of America.   As everyone thinks about what this will mean for our country, I’m remembering another American president– one who was never elected to that office.   Perhaps you recall reading about the late Gerald Ford,… Read More ›

Why I Am Voting for Donald Trump

I am a Hispanic American male who is sixty-one years old. A former Captain of Light Infantry and a corporate banker, I have been retired since 2008 due to medical issues.  As a veteran, I have been gravely disappointed with the treatment my fellow veterans have received in recent years in an American society and… Read More ›

The Importance of Local Elections

The general election is quickly approaching. Most Americans’ main concern is about the presidential nominees: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. According to voting turnout statistics, in the 2012 general election 57% of the population voted. All of these people wanted to have a say at a national level, but what about their home towns? According… Read More ›

A Former Bernie Supporter Chooses Hillary Clinton

I was disappointed that Bernie Sanders did not receive the nomination, so I sought out a candidate I believed was closest to him and his ideologies.  For me, that candidate is Hillary Clinton.  Though I may not fully agree with her entire political agenda, I believe that she is the most qualified and best viable… Read More ›