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Women’s Soccer Player Loves the “Beautiful Game”… and With Good Reason

[Editor’s note:  This week’s guest column is by Hope Seasholes, a freshman who is majoring in art therapy. She is a member of the Lesley women’s soccer team, which has qualified for the NECC tournament for the 10th consecutive year.] Soccer is often called the “beautiful game,” and that is not surprising. It is a… Read More ›

“I Am the Lorax; I Speak for the Trees.”

When I was little, I used to speak to the trees. They were my silent companions: playmates, best friends and baby sitters. I would wake in the morning, and leave out the back door after a good morning hug to my mom. Picking apples from their branches, and eating their generous gifts, I walked among… Read More ›

Entertainment Review: Game Grumps

On Wednesday October 7th Arin Hanson and Daniel Avidan, more commonly known as the Game Grumps, brought a live “Let’s Play” experience to the sold out Wilbur Theatre.  A “Let’s Play” is when one or more people record themselves playing through a video game and share their experiences on YouTube or other media sharing websites…. Read More ›

Why Big Papi Is the Best: An LCAL Student’s Tribute to David Ortiz

Whether or not you are a fan of major league baseball, whether or not you like sports stars, you have to admit that number 34 is a class act!  David Ortiz, or Big Papi, is El Hombre Grande; and whether you say it in English or Spanish, it is just a natural fact that ball… Read More ›