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First Impressions from a Lesley Freshman

[Editor’s Note:  Every year, we give new students an opportunity to say hello and offer their first impressions of Lesley. This week’s guest article is by Flora Kang.]

Hello! My name is Flora Kang. I am from Fayetteville, North Carolina, and here I am attending Lesley University for my freshman year. My experience here has been amazing, and this was my dream of studying and living in a city. Fayetteville is a small town, slowly making its way to becoming a city. There is an Army base nearby (Fort Bragg), so there are many military families; but I’m not a military brat, in case you were wondering.

Since I have came here to Massachusetts, I can already see a difference in many things. Well yeah, I’m from the countryside and Cambridge/Boston is a city; but the atmosphere and the people are different too. Being here at Lesley makes me feel like I’m at “home,” even though I wasn’t raised in a “city life”.  I had to say the most heartbreaking goodbye to my family and friends just to come to a school that is more than 12 hours away from “home.”

Why is that in quotations? Anywhere can be your home.  My dorm is my “home”, living in the city is my “home,” like the saying “Home is where the heart is.”  When I came here for the very first time for Accepted Students Day, I read everyone’s name tag and they were from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, or Massachusetts, but nobody was from North Carolina. Of course that scared me, because I thought people here would look at me weird and wonder, “why are you here?”

But that didn’t worry me, because I’m the type of person who is always living to explore something new and to embrace what I love. Putting that aside, saying goodbye to my loved ones hurt me the most. But I always think positively and say, “Never a goodbye, I’ll see you again someday.” This is the first time being away from my family, and it is hard to live an “adult life.”  But that’s what life is, to mess up and learn from your mistakes. On move in day, I saw everyone being so happy to just leave, but for me, I cried because I knew I wouldn’t be able to visit my family for any holiday or just for the weekend.

The original plan for me was to just spend Christmas alone, but I was informed that I had to leave for the holidays. I’m trying to save the family’s financial problems by not going home, plus my brother is about to go to college too and college is expensive! But yes, I will be going home for the holidays, plus I think it’ll be healthy for me to visit my family and friends at least once a year. It has already been two weeks into school and I love it more and more, especially when I get ready to go to classes and hang out with my new friends. Living on campus has this great vibe of feeling free away and still living happy.

Or is that just me? I’m pretty sure there are some people who will agree with me, whether you’re a freshman/upperclassman/graduate. The school and my new friends here helped me get over my sadness of leaving my family. I’ve realized that this wasn’t high school anymore, but honestly it still feels like high school to me because I had fun in high school and here at Lesley, it helps me to continue that dream I am striving for. For the introverts out there, I advise you to come out and just wave at someone and I promise you, they will smile and you can make friends just like that.

I am majoring in Music Therapy, and I know this school has a great graduate program for that.  The courses I am taking now are pretty amazing; it’s basically all of the gen-ed classes and Psych class that should help me for my major. I love all of my teachers. Yes, teachers and not professors. I mean I’ll call them Professor (Insert Name Here), but I prefer teacher because they want us to learn and they are teaching and lecturing the lessons.  This is unlike huge universities where they instruct a class which fills up the entire auditorium. We’re here having a better one-on-one conversation with our teachers.

So how did I find out about Lesley? I clicked on a button that said “pick a school for me”. Just kidding.  I learned about Lesley from my aunt who lived in New Hampshire and now in Texas. I wanted to leave North Carolina because knowing me, I want to explore places where I haven’t been to. While at Lesley, I plan on joining the LOLesley, Dance Team, and more; I just need to find the time to get more involved with these amazing activities, which should be easy.

My goal is to bring happiness to the world with Music. Music already heals the soul. I also want everyone to feel the music in their mind and heart.  If you can play an instrument, that’s great!  If not, it’s okay; there’s always time for you to try something new.  I play the violin and it has been almost 11 years. With what I know, I want to share it with others. I also want to graduate early, so I can start on my goal of helping others be happy (or to be happier) with music. So this is just the beginning of my life after high school, and I can’t wait for what the future has waiting for me!  I’m glad the Lesley Public Post has let me tell this story, and I hope others in the first year class will tell their story too!



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