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It’s Time to Say No to K-Cups

K-Cups have become the next big thing in America, bringing individual servings of gourmet coffee into people’s homes of in a matter of seconds, with the simple push of a button.  As convenient as this innovation is, it is slowly contributing to the killing of our planet, as cup after cup is brewed every single… Read More ›

Palm Oil, Orangutans, and the Effects of Globalization

Modern business requires an awareness of our connected planet.  This extends to humans, animals, and the environment.  Palm oil shows the effects of globalization and requires us to examine our process of business, foreign relations, and conversationalism Palm oil, a common ingredient in consumer products, affects our globe in a powerful way.  Four Paws International,… Read More ›

Changes in Visa Program Make Travel to US More Difficult

Traveling by plane these days is never easy.  Not only must travelers within the United States have their airline tickets, but they also need proper identification; plus, there is waiting in long lines, being at the mercy of airport officials, weather-related delays, and changing regulations about what can be carried on and what must be… Read More ›

Do You Know Where the Candidates Stand on the Environment?

As the 2016 Presidential Election is heating up, with more than half of the primaries completed, it’s important to consider where the candidates stand on some of the most important issues. At Lesley, the environment is an issue that matters to most of us.  So, here is some information you may find helpful when considering… Read More ›

“Patriot’s Day”: A Movie I Wish They Wouldn’t Make

I really liked Mark Wahlberg in The Departed. I enjoyed the unapologetic way he portrayed Detective Sargent Dignam of the State Police, and it was a pleasure to hear his Dorchester drawl– in contrast with Matt Damon’s nasal Cambridge delivery (hurray for subtly diverse regional accents!). I was not displeased when his character got the… Read More ›

Movie Review: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

I grew up reading the Silver Age DC Comics of the late 1950’s and the 1960’s when they were still oriented toward having happy endings.  Sometime in the mid 1960’s, more adult themes started finding their way into comic books, and happy endings were suddenly a little harder to find in the twenty pages of… Read More ›

Learning to Cope in Dangerous Times

The recent attack in Brussels really bothered me. There are two main reasons.  First, because it was another terrorist attack by the so-called Islamic State, targeting innocent people; killing, maiming, and injuring those who had no connection with what might have gone wrong in the Middle East. Secondly, it always feels like the reporting is… Read More ›

Lesley Students Take Part in Alternative Spring Break

When Lesley students came back to campus after Spring Break, many excitedly exchanged stories of catching up with friends from home, or talked about how they took a vacation with their family.  But for 25 Lesley students, they were swapping stories about what they did during Alternative Spring Break, an opportunity to perform service and… Read More ›