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Movie Review: Zootopia– Disney’s Family Friendly Political Statement

When most of us think of Disney films, images of princesses, musical numbers, true love, and happy endings come to mind.  But while the Disney films of the past have often been entertaining, they in no way have carried the substance that the new film Zootopia is bringing to  audiences. I’ve seen some Disney movies… Read More ›

Meet Lesley’s New President

[Editor’s Note:  As of July 1, Lesley University will have a new president– Jeff A. Weiss.  Recently, our Senior Writer Chris Anderson sat down with President-Elect Weiss for a wide-ranging interview.] What attracted you to Lesley? I have watched Lesley grow over many years, having been part of the neighborhood from both my days as… Read More ›

Meet Professor Robert Capra

[Editor’s Note:  From time to time, we like to introduce some of our faculty members.  This interview, conducted by Chris Anderson, is with Robert Capra, who teaches Advertising.] You had a long career in industry, can you tell us some things that you learned from this experience. Speaking broadly, I learned the importance of flexibility,… Read More ›

Unique Exhibits at the MFA Are Worth a Look

The other day, I decided to make good use of the Museum of Fine Arts membership card I borrowed from my mother, spending most of the morning ambling through the high ceilinged, echoing marble corridors of various exhibition halls and ancient art wings.  A friend of mine told me that there was a small exhibit… Read More ›

“Me, the Traditional Student vs. Me, the Non-traditional Learner”

There are 31 years between my life as a traditional student, at Simmons, and the one that I have today as a non-traditional learner, at Lesley. It is as though I am two distinct people. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a student is defined as “an attentive and systematic observer”, whereas to learn means, “to… Read More ›

Lesley Students and Faculty Discuss Controversy over Beyoncé’s New Video

It’s not unusual for there to be an uproar whenever Beyoncé drops a new music video (I mean, it’s not like she has a big fan base or anything!); but when Queen Bey dropped the video for her new song “Formation,” I swear pop culture felt the tectonic plates move. With lyrics like “I like… Read More ›

“Craftivism” Meets Art Therapy at Lesley University

A “Craft and Chat: ‘Craftivism’” workshop exploring the issue of women’s sexuality was held on Thursday, Feb. 18, at Lesley University’s Women’s Center, led by Art Therapy faculty Michaela Kirby and Lauren Leone. Craftivism is using hand-made art to express opinions or to support a movement, a combination of craft and activism or crafts for… Read More ›

Tinder and Me: An Honest Account of Striking Out

I admit it:  I’ve never been the bubbly type. To be honest, I think my resting bitch face scares people. But what I’m thinking, and what my face expresses, are often quite opposite. So to counteract my social hindrances, and as a final attempt to score some male affection, I’ve turned to Tinder. Because I… Read More ›

Another Perspective on Lesley’s School Spirit Problem

Editor’s Note:  This is a follow up to what Nick Iadevaio’s wrote last week; he discussed how a lack of athletic facilities hurts student athletes at Lesley.  The author of this article is also a student-athlete. Lesley University offers an amazing personal experience to the students that attend because of its collective focus on community…. Read More ›