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Two Poems

[Editor's note:  from time to time, we publish student poetry and short 
stories. This week, our guest poet is Haley Kinnon.]

I’m a freshman at Lesley. Currently, my major is English and Education. 
I’ve always loved to write, and I find exceptional happiness writing 
poetry. I find that poetry is a great way to not only get your thoughts 
onto a page, but to also help you better understand yourself. A lot of 
the time, I don’t really know what I want to write about until I’ve 
already started. Sometimes you need to write a few chaotic stanzas 
until the ideas start to come together. I love the artistic qualities 
that poetry allows for, and the freedom that writing brings to me.  
These are two of my poems.

Call of Antiquity

It seems as though
I yearn only for knowledge
I fight to feel the sun
From every corner of the earth
I lay at the feet of
Those who came before I,
Pleading for a piece of
The History they bathed in
Willingly, knowingly, I would
Fly anywhere to hear the stories
That every building and street
Has to tell
A faint whisper
A dying cry
A prideful yell
I follow the voices of
Calling my into the world of
Nostalgia that I endlessly
Dream about


Someday, someone will pick up my work
And find it amazing that I wrote in pen
Instead of typing.
The ink is nostalgic.
The pen is real.
Its momentary.
I can misplace my pen, and for a
Second I know how lost I am
Without it.
Typing is invincible.
Try not to be invincible,
Because you are not.
Not at all.
You, too, can run out of ink,
You, too, can rip like paper.
Be human,
Be alive.
Be momentary.
Be fleeting, in the same way that
Love is.
The fear of losing my pen,
of running out of paper,
makes me write faster
more carefully.
Let yourself bleed through your pen.


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