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Music Review: Coeur de Pirate

Coeur De Pirate (real name: Beatrice Martin) is a French-Canadian singer-songwriter and overall badass that I had the pleasure of seeing several weeks ago. While I had heard what I thought was a decent amount of her songs before, and considered myself a fan, I had no idea what I was in for during this concert.

The sold out show at Brighton Music Hall was unbelievably packed. I guess I must only see shows that don’t so very well there, because I didn’t even know that the room could hold so many people. The crowd was slightly older than me, all looking like well-dressed professionals who had come from work. Many of the crowd was speaking French before the show started, showing what kind of population she draws in. The bilingual songstress’s show was much more upbeat and powerful than I realized going into it. Her backdrop was a blank black screen that projected one of the most intricate and interesting light show I’ve ever seen. It added to the performance and wasn’t distracting:  her simple projection set-up went a very long way.

Her band dressed all in black, with the petite blonde in the front wearing a beautiful emerald green dress, which, she joked after a few songs, felt like doing bikram yoga. She worked with her band most of the show, except for a few solo songs done on the piano; the music was mostly in French, except a Drake cover that turned the pop song into a hauntingly beautiful melody. Martin’s dance moves were not complicated, but clearly showed how in tune she was with the beats and melody of her songs.

I felt honored to be able to watch such a talented musician at her sold out Boston show. Her stage presence was unlike any I’ve ever seen; the genuine way that she addressed the crowd (for example, she was shocked it was sold out), and how she joked with the audience-members between songs was amazing and added to the performance; she even thanked her fans for missing the NBC drama Empire to be at her concert, effortlessly alternating between French and English the whole time. The crowd loved every second of it too, which makes any show better really. One thing I noticed was a young man in the front who sang every word right back to her– so much so that it caught her attention; I have never seen someone show so much joy as that fan did.  That was what the whole evening was like– that smile from her super-fan was typical of the audience reaction, and it was the type of show that I loved being part of.


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